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I wonder why is there the dot after the year number. Is it because of grammar? In Estonian we also use it but in certain cases like ‘the 2nd year’ is ‘2. aasta’, or ‘2023. aasta’ means ‘year 2023’ which is never used as ‘2023rd year’ in English. ‘Year 2023’ can still be directly translated as ‘aasta 2023’ where the dot after number would be a mistake unless this is the end of the sentence.

So having these things in my mind, I find it a bit strange what the dot means. Does ‘100.’ mean in Croatian language ‘year 100’? So that it means exactly year and nothing else? Or does it have more meanings when it is not written on the coin?

Coins are generally OK. I was a bit disappointed when here in Estonia all the coins were designed to look the same just like in Ireland so at least here in this new country, the coins do have some variety.