2018 €2 Commemorative Coins

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As has already been mentioned in this forum that Estonia is reluctant coin issuer. Especially when compared to its neighbors Latvia and Lithuania. We turned to the Bank of Estonia have they planned to change their attitude and issue some € 2 commemorative coin.

The answer were that in the basement of the bank are enough two euros and no need to mint. They policy are as possible little number coins for circulation. And they consider maybe Estonia not issue 30 Year Euro Flag coin?

But piece of news that they planned first commemorative for state jubilee at 2018. When become 100 years since the formation of Estonian Republic. This is banks answer, not official information.

Yes, indeed, I have beshrewed this situation many times about Estonian CC's. Even when we had kroons there were rarely any commemoratives. It is much different in Latvia and Lithuania as I've understood. Some time ago I saw a job advertisement by Eesti Pank and dealing with commemoratives was one of the tasks. I also asked Eesti Pank about commemoratives few years ago, suggesting that why not to give a CC for 10 years in EU (as Slovakia did). Anyway, I am glad that there is at least one Estonian CC now and also two others, even though common. I am sure there will be a CC in 2018 and I guess it might contain the Freedom Cross (or part of it) that's erected in Freedom Square in Tallinn because that is something symbolic. We'll see.

An online vote to select the design of a common 2 euro commemorative coin to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Latvian and Estonian states and the 100th anniversary of the re-establishment of the Lithuanian statehood has been launched today. The public has an opportunity to assess six different design offers (per two from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) which can be viewed, selected and voted for on the website www.balticcoin.eu .

The winner was the second one:

More information here: https://www.balticcoin.eu/en/news/the-common-baltic-two-euro-coin-w...

There's another Estonian coin for 2018, and for the same topics actually:


I wonder if other Baltic states also make their own version in addition to the common one, haven't searched for it.


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