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At 14:17 on January 10, 2018, David Silva said…

Hey James

Im from Portugal, are you interested to swap 2€ commemorative's coins UNC?

My email is: davidjcostasilva@hotmail.com

Best Regards,

David Silva

At 22:58 on July 15, 2017, Abelardo Modrego said…

Hello James,I need somme c.c. from Malta,I have nearly 15 differents c.c. uncirculated and 60 used, if you are interested please contact me at



At 6:45 on September 28, 2016, Mika Aarnio said…
Hi James
I'm looking for circulated 2€ coins from Malta (And other countries as well). I've got lots of coins from Finland and some other countries as well.
If you are intrested to make a swap with me, please send me an email:
Hope to hear from you soon.
At 0:19 on August 1, 2015, Tony Konomi said…

Hello James,

I am Antonis from Greece.I want some commemorative coins from malta and i believe you can help me.

My swaplsit:

Italy 2005 Belgium

ToR 2007

France 2011

Germany 2006 F,2007 F,2008 F,2010 F,2012 F,2013 D

Greece 2010,2014

my email: tonykonomy@yahoo.gr


At 15:52 on January 9, 2015, Javier Tomás Cortés said…

Hello, I am from Catalonia, and I am looking some 2€ cc circulated coins
I've got 11 circulated coins to make a swap:

Spain ToR, EMU, 2011, 2013

France 2008, EMU, 2010, 2011, 2013

Belgium TYE

Italy 2006

If you are interested, we can make a swap

Best regards,


At 21:09 on December 22, 2014, MARYNOWICZ Gilles said…

Hello James,

I am Gilles (France).
I collect rolls 2 € CC.
I have rolls 2 € CC of France and Monaco.
I'm looking for friends swapper.
If you are interested to swap rolls, my email address is gilles.antibes@yahoo.fr

Best regards,

At 17:09 on November 27, 2014, HUBERT François said…

Hello James,

I have only from MALTA the 2€  commemoratives coins of 2012 and 2014. Can you swap against French coins those from 2011 and 2013? and also the 2€ of 2009 (EMU)

My mail is : fm.hubert@orange.fr

Very best regards


At 18:30 on June 16, 2014, Gerd Seyffert said…

Hi James,

I have a question concerning the Monument of Independence at Floriana: The artist, Ġanni Bonnici, uplpaded this video to YouTube:


I would like to know what he is saying about the statue being the allegory for ?? Malta or its independence ??

Could you, please, translate his words about "allegoria"?!

Is there an allegory in public opinion at all?

Thank you very much in advance!


At 14:48 on April 18, 2014, Hans Bucek said…

Yes I still collect coins since 60 years. I am also looking for a collector in Malta.

Contzact me directly at:  coins(at)bucek.ch

At 1:35 on March 1, 2014, César said…
Hello James,
My name is César and I´m from Spain. I'm looking for some normals circulated or uncirculated coins from Malta. I have doubles many coins of Spain and from all countries.
If you are interested in an swap, please contact me and I can send you my doubles coins list.
My mail is liko3d@msn.com
Best regards


At 23:06 on February 19, 2014, Themis Gox said…

2,00 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 
1,00 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 
0,50 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 
0,20 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 
0,10 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 
0,05 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 
0,02 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 
0,01 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 
comemm. 2009EMU 2011 2012TYE 2012 2013 2014
PLEASE help me find some of these Malta coins



At 15:15 on February 17, 2014, Themis Gox said…

Hi,  I collect circulated euro coins, regular and commemorative of all years and all countries. So I would like some coins from your country. If you can help me or would like to swap, contact me at: themis_gox@hotmail.com



At 20:06 on January 7, 2014, Ricardo Mariani said…

Hi do you want to swap for portuguese coins (circ)?

best regards


At 1:44 on December 13, 2013, Hugo Pires said…

Hello, how are you?
I am a collector of Portugal. My name is Hugo
I am contacting you to help me if you can do it
At this time I need 1 coin 2009 EMU and 1 coin 2011 Malta
Can you help me?
I have a list of currencies to trade .... if you have interested send me an email to arac_n38@hotmail.com


At 17:40 on November 9, 2013, orion220 said…

Hello james.

I'm looking for rolls of 2€ of Malta 2013.  Do you have rolls? Can you sell me?

For swap I have only rolls of spain 2013.


At 14:33 on June 24, 2013, Hans Bucek said…

Hello James

Can you help me with some coins from Malta? I collect coins over 60 years but still some gap in my collection. Have some 1000 different coins for trade. some for face value.

Contact me at coins@bucek.ch

Regards from Switzerland


At 8:16 on April 6, 2013, Jozef said…

Coins have. All ok . Thank you.


At 22:40 on March 27, 2013, Pino said…

Ciao James,

ho letto il tuo msg.

Allora per Lussemburgo 2012 TYE è una moneta in FDC che ho comprato a 7 euro, Belgio 2006 è circolata ma anche questa non la posso dare a 2 euro...

Delle commemorative che tu hai non ho bisogno nulla, quindi non penso si possa fare molto.





At 23:20 on March 22, 2013, Massimo Soffri said…

Ciao James

vedo che preferisci scrivere in Italiano

La mia email è: massimo.soffri@gmail.com

Nessun problema per la moneta del Portogallo, te la tengo bloccata.

Per la moneta di Monaco ce l'ho ancora disponibile. Però come sai non ha un valore di soli 2euro, è una moneta già rara con un valore oltre i 30 euro. Quindi fammi sapere cosa puoi darmi in cambio.

Grazie, Massimo

At 21:05 on March 17, 2013, Jozef said…

Hellou, coins for you are in post box. :-)

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