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At 18:45 on February 24, 2019, Ramunas said…


Looking for swap 2€ commemorative UNC coins.
All Euro countries are welcome!
Swapping 10 to 10 (100g) or 55 to 55 UNC (500g) coins.
OR 8 rolls to 8 rolls (2kg). Or - discuss!
Registered parcel or insured - Always!
Offering Lithuanian, Latvian coins (2€ rolls, UNC sets, BU sets, cards, etc).
Future 2019 rolls..

Also looking partners, sellers, dealers who want swap rolls/cards/sets, or want to sell or buy.
Write me, and if your price will be good - maybe I will buy. Or we will be partners in the future.
Please, send list with prices. I DONT HAVE WANTED LIST.

P.S. I have 250+ UNC 2€ coins for sell, coincards, sets, etc..

MY EMAIL: coins{eta}proof{dot}lt

At 19:08 on November 18, 2018, João Frade said…
Can you get roles from National Bank?
I can send to you at bank price roles from Portugal or single UNC coins ( 2 euros each).
I not a business collector i am an amateur collector who try to swap with not business collector 2 euros commemorative coins.
Hope we can swap!
Kind regards
At 16:18 on May 23, 2018, David Silva said…

Hey Anti

I have the new Portugal 2018's coin ("Portugal Mint"), are you interested in swap?

Best regards,

David Silva

At 9:21 on January 22, 2018, Gewrgios Spyropoulos said…

"hi, I am from Greece and I have Greek coins to swap..I am interested for your coins in your country..My mail is Regards Giorgos Spyropoulos"

At 10:38 on January 21, 2018, Cyril Hyriak said…


I should be interested in Finland coins.

If you have to exchange. My swap coin in my profile site.

I have 2018 Slovak UNC.

Please send me an email:

At 23:28 on December 9, 2017, Vladimír Šarčevič said…

Hi Antti Iivar

my name is Vlado and I am from Bratislava in Slovakia.

I need swap partner from Finland.

Please can you help me ?

If yes please contact me in message or email:

Regards Vlado

At 19:50 on June 9, 2017, hugo van de weijer said…

Dear Antti Iivar,

I have the next coins for you, if you want to shop you can send me a e-mail to 


2012 75e birthday queen  elisabeth





EU flag


At 16:51 on June 6, 2017, Toni Mañané said…

pls indicame  what I can  rate you

best regards

At 16:07 on May 6, 2017, Javier said…
Javier said…
Im Javier from Spain and I would like to swap some Finnish coins with you. Can you send me your doubles and wanted coins to my email please?
I need regulars by years and cc
I have some dificult coins as 2 cents Monaco 2001 and a lot of others
Thank yOu
At 18:52 on March 19, 2016, Jesus said…

Hi, Fredrik

I m Jesus from Spain.

Do you need any conmemorative or regular coin?

I have got Spain 2016 Acueducto Segovia

Spain 2014,2015,2013,.....

France 2008,2010, 2015...

Belgium 2015,....

Portugal 2013,2014,2015

Austria 2016

I will need some conmemorative from Finland (Eu Flag), 

Can you help me?

My email is

Best Regards

At 10:30 on April 18, 2015, Javier said…

Im Javier from spain. I would like to swap euro coins with you. Please, write me to my email And i Will send you my doubles list.
At 7:30 on December 6, 2014, aled lewis said…

Hi Antti,
I am looking for pretty much all Finnish Euro coins?
Do you by any chance have any to swap?
I have Dutch, Belgian and some French and German 2E Comm coins to swap.

At 17:13 on February 15, 2014, João José Marques Vieira Gomes said…

Hello Antti!

I'm a Portuguese collector and I have several recommendations on the Good Swappers List of EuroHobby.

Do you need 2€ commemorative coins from Portugal?

I have got UNC coins to swap and also circulated coins in good condition.

I have got coins from other countries to swap.

If you are interested, please send your double coins list to the following email:

I am particullary looking for the following Finnish 2€ commemorative coins:

  • 2005, 2006, 2007 (Independence) and 2009 (EMU).

Best regards from Portugal

At 8:17 on January 31, 2014, César said…
Hello Antti,
My name is César and I´m from Spain. I'm looking some normals circulated or uncirculated and commemorative coins from Finland. I have repeated many coins of Spain and all countries.
If you are interested in an swap, please contact me and I can send you my list of repeated.
My mail is


At 14:27 on September 14, 2013, Vincent Bruguier said…

I'm looking for someone who can sell me rolls of 2 euro commemorative finland. I saw you live in Finland, can you be my supplier?
In return I offer to be your supplier of 2 euro commemorative coins from France.
Waiting for your reply

My email is :

At 14:50 on February 2, 2013, Peter de Haan said…

Hi Antti,

I'm looking for circulated 2€ CC coins from Finland, in particular:
- 2004
- 2010

I'm also looking for the following circulated regular coins from Finland:
- 2007: 0,05ct, 0,20ct, 0,50ct
- 2008 or later: 0,10ct, 0,50ct, 1€

In return, I have available for swap the following commemorative coins:

2008 Human rights
2009 Braille
2009 EMU
2010 EU presidency
2012 TYE

2009 EMU

2007 ToR
2009 EMU
2011 Fete de la musique

2006-F Schleswig-Holstein
2006-J Schleswig-Holstein
2007-D Mecklenburg Vorpommern
2007-F Mecklenburg Vorpommern
2007-D ToR
2008-F Hamburg
2008-J Hamburg
2009-A Saarland
2009-F Saarland
2009-J EMU
2010-F Bremen
2010-J Bremen
2011-D Nordrhein-Westfalen
2011-J Nordrhein-Westfalen


2004 Athens
2007 ToR

2006 Olympics Torino
2007 ToR


2007 ToR
2009 EMU
2011 Erasmus
2012 TYE

2011 Visegrad

2007 ToR
2012 TYE

Hope to hear from you.
Kind regards, Peter

PS: I also have regular euro coins. Please ask for my list.

At 0:29 on September 20, 2011, nip said…

Hi Antti,

Do you have a wish list? I have facilities for the French CC, but other more also.

See you.

At 19:35 on September 19, 2011, Petit Christian said…

Hello ,I can propose for 9 x 2 CC Finnland 2011 when issued, the serie of 2 CC
Luxembourg 2004,2005,2006,2007,2007TDR,2008,2009,2009UEM and 2011 all unc.

Best regards

At 18:35 on April 4, 2011, Frank Farrugia said…
hey if u want i can get u the malta coins u want . let me know .  i can get u the whole set of malta or any one of them that u need :)
At 14:15 on February 5, 2011, Matej said…

Hi Antti, Im Matej from Slovakia.


Im looking for some 2e commemorative Finland coins, becauce I collect this.

Can you help ne with this??

I have for swap other commemorative coins.





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