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At 22:29 on March 14, 2018, Abelardo Modrego said…

Hello Charalambos,I've received the coins they were very very nice 18 coins

Thanks and till next swap, from Abelardo

At 18:26 on February 25, 2018, Abelardo Modrego said…

Hi,I've seen you need somme Spanish 2018 c.c. 

I want the next c.c.

Chipre   2015 Flag                       2

Grecia   2017 1ª  Katzanzakis        1

   -        2017 2ª  Filipos                3

   -        2016 1ª  Arkadi                 2

   -        2016 2ª  Mitropoulos         1

   -        2015 1ª  Spiridon              2 

   -        2015 2ª  Flag                    2

   -        2014 1ª  Domenicos           2

   -        2014 2ª  150º                   1

   -        2013 1ª  Platon Acaemy      2

   -        2013 2ª  Union Creta           1

   -        2012  ten years                   2

   -        2011 Olimpics                      2

   -        2009 10 economic                1

I've 13 of each one,if you are interested we can swap please contact me at

   modvalab@gmail .com


At 0:07 on February 23, 2018, Gewrgios Spyropoulos said…

Hi, i am euro coin collector. I travelled before 2 weeks to San Marino and i found coins from San Marino, Andorra and Vatican in fair prices.

I want to swap or sell to you in value prices..

My mail is

At 10:41 on February 17, 2018, Vladimir Šega said…

Hi, I'm from Slovenia. I would like swap euro coins with you. If you are interested, pls send me email on

Best regards

At 19:33 on January 20, 2018, Cyril Hyriak said…

Hello Charalambos,

I like to get some Cyprus coins.

I have Slovak coins or other on my profil.

My mail is:

Could we swap?

At 19:06 on January 11, 2018, David Silva said…

Hey Charalambos

Im from Portugal, are you interested to swap 2€ commemorative's coins UNC?

My email is:

Best Regards from Portugal,

David Silva

At 18:57 on January 6, 2018, Charalambos Charalambous said…

 Sent me your double and need list 

At 23:16 on January 5, 2018, Tevz said…

Hello, are you interested in a swap for Slovenian CC? If you are, contact me at



At 23:46 on December 30, 2017, Vladimír Šarčevič said…

Hi, Charalambos

I am Vlado from Bratislava,Slovakia.

I need swap partner from Cyprus, can you help me ?

I can swap you new 2€ SK coin 2018 

I am interested about coins from Cyprus

If you are interested, please contact me: or visit my web:

Regards Vlado

At 21:56 on December 4, 2017, Wlad said…

Hi, I´m looking for new 2€ coins of Cyprus. I have a lot of coins for swap.

Please mail to me at:

Thank you!

BR, Wlad

At 20:37 on November 21, 2017, Toni Mañané said…

Do you like exchange coins with me?

Write me  to and I ll send you my swap list

At 18:26 on November 18, 2017, Toni Mañané said…

do you like exchange coins with me?

Write to

and I ll send you my swap list

best regards

At 19:31 on October 25, 2017, vinluiftg said…

possible swapp?
my email is
vinluiftg @

At 18:59 on September 16, 2017, Jesus said…


How are you?

Im Jesus from Spain. I would like to get some coins from Cyprus.

If you need some coins please send me an email to

I have got conmemorative and regular coins doubles.


At 20:54 on August 20, 2017, aled lewis said…

Hi Charalambos,

I saw your name on the good swappers list and thought I would try my luck.

I am from the Netherlands and have dutch and belgian coins to swap + some others. is my address if you would like to send me a mail.

Kind regards


At 14:52 on August 20, 2017, Aleš B. said…

Hello. I'm from Slovenia and I collect all 2€ coins, regular and commemorative coins. I'm searching for coins from your country and also from other. At the moment I have coins mostly from Slovenia and Italy and Germany. Some of them from Slovenia are UNC, others are from circulation. If you want to swap, contact me:



At 20:52 on May 30, 2017, Spyros Karystinos said…

My swap coins are in good condition but I dont have UNC coins from roll for swap. 

Of course I can send relevant photos upon request.
If you are still interested pls send me email on



At 0:10 on May 29, 2017, Spyros Karystinos said…

Geia sou Charalambe,

Psaxnw regular 2 euros apo Kypro 2010-2016. Exeis kanena diathesimo gia antalagi?



At 20:12 on October 27, 2016, Wlad said…

Hello Charalambos, do you interested to swap circ. 2€ cc? My swap list you can find in my profile. If you can help me pls mail to

BR, Wlad

At 17:28 on September 22, 2016, Mika Aarnio said…
Hi Charalambos
I believe you are talking about Georg Henrik von Wright, the second coin from Finland 2016? It's not been releashed yet I think. It's only on presale now. But I can try to get it to you. Is cc okey or do you only want UNC? What do you offer to me?
Best regards Mika.

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