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At 18:27 on February 24, 2019, Ramunas said…


Looking for swap 2€ commemorative UNC coins.
All Euro countries are welcome!
Swapping 10 to 10 (100g) or 55 to 55 UNC (500g) coins.
OR 8 rolls to 8 rolls (2kg). Or - discuss!
Registered parcel or insured - Always!
Offering Lithuanian, Latvian coins (2€ rolls, UNC sets, BU sets, cards, etc).
Future 2019 rolls..

Also looking partners, sellers, dealers who want swap rolls/cards/sets, or want to sell or buy.
Write me, and if your price will be good - maybe I will buy. Or we will be partners in the future.
Please, send list with prices. I DONT HAVE WANTED LIST.

P.S. I have 250+ UNC 2€ coins for sell, coincards, sets, etc..

MY EMAIL: coins{eta}proof{dot}lt

At 15:33 on November 18, 2018, Toni Mañané said…


I add my swap list.My mail

At 0:53 on November 18, 2018, Toni Mañané said…

Do you have 2018 coins from Greece?


At 9:03 on November 8, 2018, Lorentzos Eco said…

Φίλε σε χαιρετώ!

Λέγομαι Λορέντζος Οικονόμου, και είμαι συλλέκτης.

Θα ήθελα να ξέρω αν σε ενδιαφέρει να επικοινωνήσουμε για πιθανή συνεργασία για ανταλλαγή κερμάτων.


Λορέντζος Οικονόμου

At 22:29 on March 14, 2018, Abelardo Modrego said…

Hello Charalambos,I've received the coins they were very very nice 18 coins

Thanks and till next swap, from Abelardo

At 18:26 on February 25, 2018, Abelardo Modrego said…

Hi,I've seen you need somme Spanish 2018 c.c. 

I want the next c.c.

Chipre   2015 Flag                       2

Grecia   2017 1ª  Katzanzakis        1

   -        2017 2ª  Filipos                3

   -        2016 1ª  Arkadi                 2

   -        2016 2ª  Mitropoulos         1

   -        2015 1ª  Spiridon              2 

   -        2015 2ª  Flag                    2

   -        2014 1ª  Domenicos           2

   -        2014 2ª  150º                   1

   -        2013 1ª  Platon Acaemy      2

   -        2013 2ª  Union Creta           1

   -        2012  ten years                   2

   -        2011 Olimpics                      2

   -        2009 10 economic                1

I've 13 of each one,if you are interested we can swap please contact me at

   modvalab@gmail .com


At 0:07 on February 23, 2018, Gewrgios Spyropoulos said…

Hi, i am euro coin collector. I travelled before 2 weeks to San Marino and i found coins from San Marino, Andorra and Vatican in fair prices.

I want to swap or sell to you in value prices..

My mail is

At 10:41 on February 17, 2018, Vladimir Šega said…

Hi, I'm from Slovenia. I would like swap euro coins with you. If you are interested, pls send me email on

Best regards

At 19:33 on January 20, 2018, Cyril Hyriak said…

Hello Charalambos,

I like to get some Cyprus coins.

I have Slovak coins or other on my profil.

My mail is:

Could we swap?

At 19:06 on January 11, 2018, David Silva said…

Hey Charalambos

Im from Portugal, are you interested to swap 2€ commemorative's coins UNC?

My email is:

Best Regards from Portugal,

David Silva

At 18:57 on January 6, 2018, Charalambos Charalambous said…

 Sent me your double and need list 

At 23:16 on January 5, 2018, Tevz said…

Hello, are you interested in a swap for Slovenian CC? If you are, contact me at



At 23:46 on December 30, 2017, Vladimír Šarčevič said…

Hi, Charalambos

I am Vlado from Bratislava,Slovakia.

I need swap partner from Cyprus, can you help me ?

I can swap you new 2€ SK coin 2018 

I am interested about coins from Cyprus

If you are interested, please contact me: or visit my web:

Regards Vlado

At 21:56 on December 4, 2017, Wlad said…

Hi, I´m looking for new 2€ coins of Cyprus. I have a lot of coins for swap.

Please mail to me at:

Thank you!

BR, Wlad

At 20:37 on November 21, 2017, Toni Mañané said…

Do you like exchange coins with me?

Write me  to and I ll send you my swap list

At 18:26 on November 18, 2017, Toni Mañané said…

do you like exchange coins with me?

Write to

and I ll send you my swap list

best regards

At 19:31 on October 25, 2017, vinluiftg said…

possible swapp?
my email is
vinluiftg @

At 18:59 on September 16, 2017, Jesus said…


How are you?

Im Jesus from Spain. I would like to get some coins from Cyprus.

If you need some coins please send me an email to

I have got conmemorative and regular coins doubles.


At 20:54 on August 20, 2017, aled lewis said…

Hi Charalambos,

I saw your name on the good swappers list and thought I would try my luck.

I am from the Netherlands and have dutch and belgian coins to swap + some others. is my address if you would like to send me a mail.

Kind regards


At 14:52 on August 20, 2017, Aleš B. said…

Hello. I'm from Slovenia and I collect all 2€ coins, regular and commemorative coins. I'm searching for coins from your country and also from other. At the moment I have coins mostly from Slovenia and Italy and Germany. Some of them from Slovenia are UNC, others are from circulation. If you want to swap, contact me:



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