The €uro - All to Know About It!


Towards a European Economic and Monetary Union

How it all started: In the same decade, jeans and miniskirts shocked parents and aunties, EMU was first proposed. 30 years later, the single currency was introduced.

Our currency, many opportunities

The benefits of the euro explained: Reduced costs for travellers, transparency of prices, low interest rates and mortgage rates, low inflation, economic stability.

Euro banknotes

Images show how banknotes are produced, from cotton paper to banknotes with security features, such as watermarks or embedded threads.

Hot issues

Did the euro increase prices? Why is there a difference between perception and figures? This and many more on the public finances.

Euro coins

These panels show how the design of the common side of the coins was chosen, the various national sides of the coins and commemorative coins.

Kid's corner

Learning about the euro with computer games: one is a puzzle with images of bank notes, the other one tests, the knowledge of the coins. And the difficult stuff is explained by a cartoon figure: Prof. Euro.


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