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Ambassadors' Award

This is the most prestige award that can be awarded on the euroHOBBY website. This badge is awarded only to the most loyal members of the euroHOBBY website that in a way or another had helped or are helping the euroHOBBY website improving and going forward.


Examples include members who ....

  • are continuously active
  • are helping other members
  • had donated money to help the website
  • had shared exclusive news or photos with the euroHOBBY website
  • had reported spam


Doing one of the above doesn't necessarily mean that you will be awarded the badge, the award is solely at the discretion of the euroHOBBY website's team and in order to be approved for this award all the team of the euroHOBBY has to agree. Members for this badge can be nominated by the euroHOBBY team only but sometime we will issue a call for members to nominate other members. The percentage of members that will be awarded this badge will be limited - the scope is to award this badge to the very best members, the limitation in itself will make this award prestigious.





Premium Membership Award

This badge is awarded only to the members who had taken full premium membership on the euroHOBBY website. Therefore, from now onwards all the members who take all the 6 premium features (for more info check here) will be awarded this award which will appear on the profile. Members who in the past had bought all the 6 features are kindly requested to contact us at so we will give you the award. In case you are award both Ambassadors' and Premium Membership Badges, the most prestigious one will appear on profile - so in this case the Ambassadors' Badge.

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Comment by euroHOBBY on March 17, 2012 at 11:51

these are all the members that have been awarded the prestigous ambassdors award - only 1-2% of our members have this title


this is the list of the premium members


Comment by Ctirad on March 9, 2012 at 20:29

I think that some award is very good for new member f.e. for SWAP and for others too. But idea award's SWAP/website's team together.

f.e. bronze - 10 SWAP

      silver - 20 SWAP

      gold - 40 SWAP

      platinium - 50 SWAP

      diamond - 60 SWAP

other good for website is bought premium memberhip-it's necessary.



It's only my offer but third thing will be award as SUPER/FANTASTICO etc

Decision for new award will be changed only 6x per year - it's very hard for time

Comment by Ioannis Roussos on March 9, 2012 at 15:59

Thank you my friends


here is something for you


Comment by Robi from Brussels on March 9, 2012 at 10:49

I also support Jasper's idea. I'm thinking to a coloured string put across the corner of the avatar.

In order to reduce the burden of job needed, the thresholds could maybe be simplified and increased, like just:

silver = 25 reccomandation

gold = 50 

I would also put a black string to those (hopefully they are very few, until now) who repeatedly betrayed other's member trust.

Comment by euroHOBBY on March 8, 2012 at 17:19

Jasper your idea is very good and i had thought about it before launching these badges - the problem with that idea is that would require lot of manual work on daily basis and alas we don't have that time

hopefully in the future we will have a better system to indicate good swappers - the profile page of each member can already take the Like it button but for now this button does not show  a count of the number of members who clicked - so we are in touch with NING (the platform on which this website runs) to start showing a count for that

Comment by Robi from Brussels on March 8, 2012 at 11:22

The Atomium with the euroHOBBY logo in front....indeed looks very nice!:-D

What can I say? This recognition, being totally unexpected, makes me really happy. I'm twice proud to be a member of this nice bunch of people! Let's continue in this way, euroHOBBY

Comment by Jasper D'Hondt on March 8, 2012 at 9:18

Would it not be more usefull to have a badge for people who had a some good swaps.

For example

5 good recommandations = bronze swapper badge

10 good recommandations = silver swapper badge

20 good recommandations = gold swapper badge


And when there are people who don't send coins in return you can take the badge away.

This would be a very nice system to see what swappers you can trust in a fast way

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