Netherlands €2 CC - To be Released on Various Dates

The Netherlands this year will issue 4,000,000 copies of the €2 Commemorative coin which is more than enough for all the euro collectors. Distribution, consists of:

* 500 rolls will be issued by the Dutch Bank, during the month of February.

* 500 rolls will be issued Through the Muntrolpakketten, on 18 June.

* 20,000 rolls will be distributed on 18 June "Day of the currency in Holland."

* 10,000 coins in coin cards

* 2,000 coins will be issued in mid-February in capsule form and proof quality.

* 5,000 coins will be issued as proof in the PP in September 2011.

* Close to 3,500,000 coins remaining, has no fixed date of issuance. Potential Distribution Through rolls mixed throughout the rest of the year from June 18 or full rolls.



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