According to the official Journal of Monaco, in 2013 this microstate will issue 10,000 coins of each denomination of the standard coins - for the first time ever it will mint 1,249,131 copies of the 2 euro commemorative coin that shall be out later on this year.



(c) Official Journal of Monaco

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Comment by Michal Cervinka on June 12, 2013 at 20:40
It feels though as if the numbers as mismatched. See the previous numbers for BU sets and CCs and tell me that it makes sense to have 100x less BU sets than any previously issued while having 100x more 2 Euro CCs ...
Comment by Ctirad on June 9, 2013 at 21:55

I think that this coins will be cost max 10€ - and this higher price will be only by "special" Monaco - mintage good for collectors but not for dealers :-)

Comment by Illioplius on June 9, 2013 at 21:45

But that was a special case, because those coins were mixed in the rolls with the standard coins...

Comment by Johny on June 9, 2013 at 20:54

no also finland 04 mingate 1 mil cost about 35 euro....

Comment by Illioplius on June 9, 2013 at 11:49

It sounds quite absurd that a commemorative coin from Monaco will cost 3 euros. :)

Comment by euroHOBBY on June 9, 2013 at 9:51

@Igor please check the source to see the full list

Comment by Igor on June 8, 2013 at 22:45

Doesn't this list show just 2 Euro coins, both regular and commemorative?

Comment by Li Ji on June 8, 2013 at 19:08

too many money should be saving from now on.

Comment by (joseeuro) on June 8, 2013 at 17:27

is good...

 is 10.000 normal 2€, in BU.

and 1.249.131 pièces commémoratives de millésime 2013.

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