Interview with Ingo-Michael Edelmann - 10 Years Euro Cash Design Competition

Ingo-Michael Edelmann is a designer from Germany and took part in the Euro design competition for the 10 Years of Euro Cash. His design was one of the top 5 finalists and ultimately finished 3rd. Below find an interview with Ingo-Michael.



1) Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and profession?

I'm a skilful professional designer working for international companies like DuPont and the local flower shop as well. In the eighties I studied at the Bergisch University of Wuppertal, Germany. It's the city with the unique suspension railway called "Schwebebahn". Still living and working in Wuppertal I create logos, brochures, mailings, illustrations for example. And I love my job.



2) How did you learn about the competition? Were you interested in taking part straight away or only after some thoughts?

I learned about the competition by watching a German TV show presenting economic news – and I decided to accept the challenge immediately.



3) What inspired you drawing that design? Why butterflies?

Butterflies are the symbol of a fascinating evolution, elegance and vitality. The dynamic development from an unloved caterpillar to a dancing coloured creature reminds me to the Euro. I wish the Euro will also become a beautiful butterfly some day -– against all odds.



4) Did you have other designs in your mind but since the competition allowed only one design per designer you were forced to submit that one? If yes, could you tell us more about your other designs?

Many designs might have been possible. From a straight typographic or emblematic solution to various illustrative ideas symbolizing "Euroland" and the citizens of the Euro area.



5) How did you learn that your design made it to the final? What were your feelings?

I got an email from Brussels and felt honoured.



6) During the 3 weeks voting period how were your feelings? Did you check websites and forums to check what collectors are saying about your design?

When the finalists were published for online voting, it was obvious, that the designs with the highest contrasts and the readily identifiable motifs will be the favourites. I hoped to make a top three position.



7) What was your reaction when the winner was announced but it was not you?

It was a democratic online voting, and the winner of the contest is the design with the most votes. Then it is okay. Congratulations to the Austrian competitor.



8) Some collectors pointed out that you placed 27 butterflies for the 27 member states of the European Union rather than 17 (number of countries in the euroarea) – why?

This is the question I was waiting for. I made a bet on someone blowing up his screen and counting the butterflies: Yes, I placed 27 butterflies for the 27 member states, hoping for the number of countries in the Euro area will increase. (Some UFOs have not landed yet.)



9) Was this your first time taking part in a coin design competition?




10) What do you think of the 10 Years of Euro Cash competition?

This competition was intended for all but made for specialists using image programs, who are Euro enthusiastic enough to fight for one award only.



11) Would you take part again if there would be another competition?

Most likely.



12) Do you collect euro coins or have interest in this currency?

In the past I was collecting almost everything exciting. So I started to bear down on myself and reduced my collecting ambitions.


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Comment by Igor on August 19, 2011 at 21:56
Thank you Ingo-Michael! I personally feel your design was better than the winning one!

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