Greece €2 Commemorative Coins 2014

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Comment by Gerd Seyffert on June 1, 2014 at 17:25

I had contacted the designer of the coin "Ionian Islans", Maria Andonatou, and asked for information about the depicted symbols. She stated:

The 'Seven Point Star' symbolizes the "Ionian Dimension" ("ΙΟΝΙΑ ΔΙΑΣΤΑΣΗ"): the 'Group of Seven Islands' in the Ionian Sea bore and inspired outstanding representatives in the fields of Art, important musicians, poets, painters and politicians. Clockwise from top, the visuals symbolize the following islands: Corfu's emblem is the "apēdalos naus" ("ΑΠΗΔΑΛΟ ΝΑΥΣ": ship without steering gear), as 'Great Nautical Powers' were attributed to the island and its sailors were well known for their nautical abilities and skills since ancient times >> Zakynthos is represented by the sacrificial tripod of Apollo —  Ithaka: Odysseus is depicted with the anciant hat "Pileus" "ΠΙΛΟ" — Paxi's emblem is a trident "ΤΡΙΠΟΥΣ": according to a mythological tale, it was created when Poseidon hit the island of Corfu with his trident, splitting it in two — Kythira, the island of celestial Aphrodite, is symbolized by her 'emergence from the sea' "ΚΥΘΕΡEΙΑ ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ" — Lefkada is represented by the 'Apollonian harp' ("Απολλώνια Άρπα"), symbol for its 'Great Musical Tradition' — Cephalonia's emblem is its mythical hero Cephalus, depicted with his hound and spear.

In addition to these informations she informed me today, that the first 7.500 coins, of "Ionian Islands" and of "El Greco" as well, will be edited in June. I guess, she was refering to the coincards.

Comment by euroHOBBY on May 5, 2014 at 20:36

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