Today, Friday 14 January, is the last day when shops in Estonia accept payments in Estonian kroons. As from Saturday 15 January, only the euro is legal tender in Estonia.


At the end of Thursday 13 January, 84 % of consumers were paying with euro only when using cash and Estonian retailers were providing change almost exclusively in euro (99 %).


By the end of Thursday 13 January, the large majority (70 %) of Estonians had only euro banknotes in their wallets, whereas 22 % still carried some kroon banknotes.


It will still be possible to exchange kroons for euros at the official exchange rate and without a service fee in bank branches that offer currency exchange services until the end of June, and then in a limited network of bank offices for at least another six months. Thereafter, kroons can be exchanged for euros in the Estonian Central Bank for an unlimited period of time.


Estonia Euro Changeover Statistics


13 Days After Changover


10 Days After Changeover


7 Days After Changeover


5 Days After Changeover


3 Days After Changeover


2 Days After Changeover


2 Days Before Changeover

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