At the end of Monday 10 January, 80 % of consumers were paying with euro only when using cash. A large majority paid with cash and virtually all (97 %) customers were receiving their change in their new currency, which shows that the Estonian retail sector is properly supplied with euro cash and able to provide change in euro.


On Monday 10 January, the value of euro cash in circulation furthermore overtook that of outstanding kroon cash in circulation.


Withdrawing and exchanging euro cash continues to work smoothly, with an overwhelming majority (90 %) of those polled not reporting any problems. The number of ATM withdrawals and cash exchanges in banks and post offices has moreover been slowing down as from the last working days of last week, which is another sign that the peak of the cash changeover is over.


By the end of Monday 10 January, a large majority of consumers had made a full transition to the euro in cash, in that they were both carrying and paying exclusively in euro (56 % of Estonians had only euro banknotes in their wallets and 62 % had only euro coins).


Estonia Euro Changeover Statistics


10 Days After Changeover


7 Days After Changeover


5 Days After Changeover


3 Days After Changeover


2 Days After Changeover


2 Days Before Changeover

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