Coin Gaming App for iPhone/iPad / Win the Monaco 2013 2€CC

Today something different for you: Do you like coins? Do you like games? Then this is something for you...

A Nerd's Game is a mind-blowing math quiz for iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch.

There are 99 levels to show your math skills and find out if you are really a nerd. 14 levels are dedicated to coins and bank notes including Euro, Yen and US Dollar. For you as an experienced coin collector it should be easy to get on top of the highscores! Have a look at some samples:

Other levels are featuring stamps, letters, colored numbers and blackjack. Dice, sudoku, poker, darts and clocks are also available. But you are not alone. Use the innovative Play-for-Your-Country mode to collect points for your country. Other players will do the same and your country will become Nerd Country of the Month!

Become a nerd now and download the app here, it's free: A Nerd's Game

Do you want to win the "The 20th anniversary of the entry in the Principality of Monaco UN" coin? Then take part in the competition. To the competition...

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