Austria 2012-2016 States €10 Collection

Between 2012 and 2016, the Austrian Mint will issue a series of ten collector coins dedicated to the Austrian states: one for each state (Bundesland) and the last one for Austria as a whole. Young school children are invited to design one side of each coin; the other side, designed by Austrian Mint artists, will feature the cultural heritage of the state.

The first coin in that series will be about Steiermark (Styria), and the children's design for that piece has just been picked by the jury from about 600 submissions of third and fourth graders. 9 years old Viktoria Reicht won with a design that shows mountains, sunflowers, pumpkins, a river and the green heart representing Styria.

The next design will be about Kärnten (Carinthia), and in this case, third through sixth grade children can participate. Starting in spring 2012, the mint will issue two of these ten coins per year:


2012 - Steiermark (Styria)
2012 - Kärnten (Carinthia)
2013 - Niederösterreich (Lower Austria)
2013 - Vorarlberg (Vorarlberg)
2014 - Salzburg (Salzburg)
2014 - Burgenland (Burgenland)
2015 - Wien (Vienna)
2015 - Tirol (Tyrol)
2016 - Oberösterreich (Upper Austria)
2016 - Österreich (Austria as a whole)





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