Boost your sales or website visits by Advertising on the euroHOBBY website. The euroHOBBY is a hub for coins collectors and visited by thousands of collectors on daily basis, thus, making your advert exposed to potential buyers or committed visitors!


euroHOBBY has partnered with Komoona for the automatic management of advertising on the euroHOBBY website. Members and visitors that wish to advertise on this website should click on the banners showing Advertise Here. When you click on it a window will open and you will have two options, these are Create a Banner or Upload a Banner.


Upload a Banner is for those that have an already created banner, whereas, Create a banner as the name implies is for those who do not have banner. If you click on it you will get step by step instructions on how to build up a banner and the site will make the banner for you automatically.


Once ready from uploading your banner or creating it just click Next and you will be asked to determine for how long you wish your advert to appear (7, 14, 30 or 60 days) followed by payment.


We are offering 3 types of Adverts:

Advertus Page

Advert appearing on Main Page. Ad is placed in Middle Left Column (200x200)

Price €2.50/ 30 Days


Advertus Plus

Advert appearing on the Right side Column of All  the Website Pages (200x200)

Price €5/ 30 Days


Advertus Footer

Advert appearing on the Footer of All the Website Pages (300x100)

Price €2.50/ 30 Days


You can also replace the Google Adsense adverts with your own by visiting the small banner "Create Your Ad" or "Replace these Ads" that appears under the Google Adsense adverts. These slots are more costly but we guarantee you more clicks and exposure!

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