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Austrian Euro Coins "BU Folder Dated 2013"

Austria Euro Coins - On the 12th December 2012, Austria issued the BU set dated 2013. The folder contains all the Austrian standard euro coins. The total mintage is 50,000 (figure includes Baby Sets 2013). The picture on the folder is showing the flower that is depicted on the 1 cent and thus this shall be the per-ultimate folder in…


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Euro Banknotes "Banknotes Production in 2013"

Denomination Quantity (in millions of banknotes) Value (€ millions)

NCBs commissioning production…


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Euro Banknotes 2013 "New €5 Euro Note from Europa Series Unveiled"

Euro Banknotes - Today at Frankfurt, the Central European Bank's chief after a presentation has unveiled the new 5 euro banknote from the second series or as better known the Europa series. The new note shall…


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Live Stream: New €5 Euro Banknote of Europa Series is will be Unveiled in Full Today



Euro Banknotes - On 8 November 2012 Mario Draghi, the President of the ECB, announced the second series of euro banknotes, the "Europa" series. The first banknote in the new series will be the €5 banknote, which will be introduced as of May 2013 across the euro area. The full design of the new €5 banknote will be unveiled today 10th…


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Portugal Euro Coins "No Standard Coins 2013 in Circulation"

Portugal Euro Coins - According to a preliminary forecast, Portugal is not planning to put any standard coins dated 2013 in circulation. This would be the first time for Portugal not to put at least some of the denominations in circulation since euro coins were introduced. Hence, the standard coins dated 2013 will be available in BU folders…


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Euro Banknotes "10 January New €5 Euro Banknote will be Unveiled"


On Thursday 10th January 2013, the full design of the new 5 euro banknote from the Europa series will be unveiled. The change in design was announced on the 8th November by the European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi, on the same day 3 new security features from this banknote were revealed. The new banknote shall appear in circulation in May and by Autumn…


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Latvia Euro Changeover Countdown

365 days left for Latvia to adopt the euro! Latvia is planning to adopt the euro on 1st January 2014, this February it will formally apply to be assessed by the European Commission and shall be approved by June-July 2013. In order to join the euro, Latvia has to meet all the Maastricht criteria and according to an assessment done in November 2012, it is…


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