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€2 Ten Years Euro Cash - Issuing Dates & Mintage Volumes

In this article you will find all the issuing dates and mintage volumes of the common €2 commemorative coin, ten years of euro cash. Mintage volumes show the maximum allowed (each country is free to mint less but not more); if known we will also include the actual mintage volume (eg. Luxembourg).


The maximum amount of coins that can be minted…


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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

The euroHOBBY team woud like to wish all the members and guests of the euroHOBBY website a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012 - hopefully it will be full of interesting euro numismatic items

Updated 31.DEC.201

Dear all members we would like to…


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Slovenia Euro Coins 2013 "800 Years since the Discovery of Postojna's Cave" €2 Commemorative Coin

The goverment of Slovenia has just announced that the 2 euro commemorative coin that Slovenia will issue in 2013 will be dedicated to the 800 years since the first visit to the Postojna´s Cave. This cave is a 20,570 m long Karst cave system near Postojna, Slovenia. It is the longest cave system in the country as well as one of its top tourism sites. The caves were…


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Monaco Euro Coins "BU Set Dated 2011" Just Out




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Slovakia Euro Coins 2012 "10 Years Euro Cash Coin Card"

Slovakia next year will issue 7,000 coin cards of the 2 euro commemorative coin, 10 Years of Euro Cash




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Slovakia Euro Coins 2012 "XXX Olympic Summer Games London 2012 Folder"

The sample image of the first euro coin set 2012 XXX Olympic Summer Games London 2012. Included in coin set will be also the coloured token with the sport motif.

Finishing: SU (special uncirculated)

Mintage: 23000 pcs

Expected Issue Date: January


Strange enough the image given by the mint is showing the old map on the common…


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Dutch Mint selling Netherlands Ten Years Euro Cash €2

The Dutch mint just announced that starting from midnight tonight it will be selling the €2 commemorative coin 10 years of euro coins and banknotes in BU-quality


Updated 14.DEC.2011

The Dutch mint kept its promise and now is the selling a coin card containing the 10 Years Euro Cash from the Netherlands. The mint produced 15,000 coin…


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Dobro došla Hrvatska! Welcome Croatia!

Dobro došla Hrvatska! Welcome Croatia to the European family. Tomorrow, 9th December 2011, Croatia will sign the treaty of accession in Brussels meaning that if all the EU countries ratify this treaty and Croatians say yes in the referendum, Croatia would become the 28th state of the European Union on 1st July 2013 - the same day Andorran euro coins…


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Ireland 2012 Annual Mint Set - Hound

The 2012 Annual Mint Set will be launched on 6 January 2012. This is the last set in a three-year series featuring the animals of Irish coinage. This year, the Hound is depicted on the packaging.

The issue limit for this coin set is 17,000 pieces.

The Irish 2012 Uncirculated Euro Coin Set is an attractive and informative…


Added by Marko Porenta on December 7, 2011 at 17:30 — 3 Comments

Vatican Euro Coins 2011 "Philatelic-Numismatic Cover - World Youth Day"


The Philatelic and Numismatic office of the Vatican City State is pleased to present the Philatelic-Numismatic Cover containing a dual metal commemorative 2 Euro coin and two stamps with the special cancellation, both dedicated to the World Youth Day.


Format: 12 x 8 cm

Printing process: offset

Max. total printing: 8,000…


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Malta Euro Coins "2011-2015 Constitutional History Series Explained"


In the year 2014, Malta will celebrate its 50th anniversary since it had acquired independence from Great Britain. The 5 coins in the series are all in a way related to this major event in the history of Malta. The first 3 coins in the series reflect milestones that ultimately road-mapped Malta to Independence, in 2014 the Central Bank of Malta will issue the…


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Malta Euro Coins "Standard €2 2010" Just Out

The Central Bank of Malta on Monday 28th November, on the same day the €2 euro commemorative coin 2011 was issued, rolls of €2 standard coins dated 2010 were also issued. According to our unofficial sources 2 million coins were minted. Unlike the 2008 coin the 2 euro from 2010 and 2011 have no mint mark. Malta so far has issued the following €2 euro…


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10 Years of Euro Banknotes and Coins Press Kit


The European Central Bank has just published a press kit in relation to the 10 years of euro banknotes and coins. The press kit includes a video about this 10th anniversary, booklets and photos. The page also acknowledges that the new series of euro banknotes is in preparation.


see the Press Kit here…


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Luxembourg Euro Coins 2012 "100 Years since the death of William IV" €2 Commemorative Coin

Luxembourg, today published its numismatic catalogue for 2012. In this publications we can get a glimpse at how the national 2 euro commemorative coin dedicated to the 100 years sicne the death of William IV will look like. According to the same catalogue Luxembourg will mint 700,000 coins of this 2 euro commemorative coin.



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