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San Marino Numismatic Programme 2011



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Spain Blister Folder containing €2 2010

On the 13th December, Spain will issue 10,000 blister folders containing Cordoba's historic centre €2 Commemorative Coin



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Estonian Bank and Post Office e-Shop

The Estonian Central Bank has teamed up with the Estonian Post office and opened an numismatic e-Shop. The central bank will be providing the numismatic items whereas the post office will be

responsible for the logistic part. Currently, the…


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Czech President wants to negotiate opt-out from euro

Czech President Vaclav Klaus wants to negotiate an opt-out from entry

into the eurozone to ensure the country keeps the koruna, the

website quoted two unnamed ministers as saying. Finance Minister

Miroslav Kalousek said negotiations on a euro opt-out was not the Czech

government's position. The Czech republic is one of the 5 countries (Estonia as of 2011) that… Continue

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How the Estonian euro coins leaked out!

Eesti Pank has identified two companies that had received 60 large euro coin starter kits with a total value of 11,880 euro in the course of sub-frontloading, but were unable to show any of them to Eesti Pank during

the check carried out on Tuesday.

So far a very small number of companies has received sets of…


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The myEUROHOBBY Website has now got a new domain, - please update your bookmarks to avoid problems accessing the website

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Greece BU Folders 2010

Folder Containing the Normal 2 Euro

Coinset "Ναυτιλιακός" 2010

Quality: BU

Amount : 7.500…

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Estonian Euro Coins found in Latvia

According to Estonian euro coins were found for sale in a numismatic shop in Latvia. This is 2 weeks before these coins become legally available; from 1st December, starter kits will be for sale from any Estonian bank. It is still not known how these coins leaked out!…


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Austrian 2010 Annual Mint Set

Austrian 2010 annual mint set
Date of Issue: June, 16th 2010
Issue limit: 50,000
Quality: Brilliant Uncirculated

Presented in a full-color protective folder

I got this set from the Austrian Mint =)

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Mint of Finland to present a New Mint Mark for Coins in 2011

Next year, the mint mark on the national side of Finnish coins will change. Starting in 2011, coins issued by Mint of Finland will feature a new mint mark, the Lion logo. The change is part of creating a fresh

look for the 150-year-old Mint of Finland. On the €2 coins, the logo

will be slightly larger than on other coins.

Of the coins circulated from 2010 onwards, only the €2 special coin issued on 15 November 2010…


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Mint of Finland selling €2 2010 Coins

The Mint of Finland as from today started to sell the €2 commemorative coins 2010 to anyone who would like to buy them - this should drop the current market price of this coin

check here…


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Welcome Estonia to the Eurozone

The euroHOBBY website is getting prepared for the forthcoming euro changeover. Besides giving you all the latest news with regards to the Estonia euro changeover, today we added a new banner to the website to welcome all the Estonians to the eurozone and to the euroHOBBY website - check the website to see this new… Continue

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Estonia Business Starter Kits

The main cash-in-transit company has started to produce retailer-kits with Estonian euro coins for distribution to professional clients either directly or via the banks. There will be two types, one with a value of 111 € (8 coin rolls) and one of 198 € (15 coin rolls). In September it had received orders for 40 000 such kits and it plans to produce more than twice that number. This is a large… Continue

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Estonia Farewell Crown BU Set 1992-2010

This will be the last set from Estonia that will contain the Estonian kroons. As soon as we have more information about this set we will let you know



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2010 €2 Finland - Currency Decree of 1860 granting Finland the right to issue banknotes and coins

thanks to our member Oliver for this image


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