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Finland Euro Coins 2011 "5 Rolls of €2 Commemorative Coins 2011 in a Box"

On the 17th October the Mint of Finland will be selling the 2 euro commemorative coin that will be issued on the same date packed in rolls of 25 coins - they will be presented in a box and each box will contain 5…


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Finland Euro Coins "BU Set Dated 2011"

On the 17th October, Finland will issue 15,000 BU folders that will contain the 2 euro commemorative coin that will be issued this year and all the standard coins from Finland dated 2011




Updated 24.OCT.2011…


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France 2011 €10 Regions Series


The euro of regions 2011 follow upon the series of the euro of regions 2010 which was very successful among euro collectors. This new series of 27 coins, one for each French region, is made by the Monnaie de Paris, and it is available for the general public in 3000 post offices, on the web site of the Monnaie de Paris as well as to a selection…


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San Marino Euro Coins 2011 "€10 Ten Years of Euro Cash" Collectors Coin

San Marino this year will issue a collectors coin to commemorate the 10 years since euro banknotes and coins were launched in the euro area. The coin depicts on the obverse the coat of arms of the Republic of San Marino by BINO BINI. On the reverse sections of coins distributed around the edge and the value “10 EURO” in the coin centre. In the upper part a lower piece…


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Belgium Euro Coins 2012 "75 Years Queen Elisabeth Music Competition" €2 Commemorative Coin

Belgium has just announced that next year will issue a national 2 euro commemorative coin. The coin will be dedicated to the 75 years of the Queen Elisabeth Music Competition. The Queen Elisabeth Music Competition, a founding member of the World Federation of International Music Competitions (1957) has been, since its foundation, considered the world over to be one of…


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euroHOBBY Business Card





The team…


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Ireland 2011 Silver Proof €15 - Salmon

A Tribute in Silver to Percy Metcalfe's Classic Irish Coin Design

It was in 1928 when the first coins of the Irish Free State were released into circulation. The designs, by Percy Metcalfe, were chosen for their depiction of agriculture which was essential to the economy of Ireland at the time. These designs graced Irish coinage up until…


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Monaco Euro Coins "BU Set Dated 2011"

In October or early November, Monaco will issue its annual set of standard coins. This time the coins will be in BU quality like in 2001 and 2002, however, in addition to the 8 standard coins the set will also contain the wedding €2 Commemorative coin which Monaco issued this year. In the official journal of Monaco it was announced that 7,000 copies will be made,…


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Bavaria, Germany €2 Commemorative Coin 2012

The seventh coin in the Bundesländer Series of 16 coins will be issued on the 3rd February, 2012. This coin will be dedicate to the state of Bayern (Bavaria) which will take the presidency next year. Like in the previous years, 30 million coins will be minted.





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Portugal 25 Years in the European Union


Today, Portugal issued a collectors coins to commemorate the 25 years since Spain and Portugal joined the European Union


The obverse of the coin «25th Anniversary of the Accession of Portugal and Spain to the European Union» shows in the middle a composition of circles and indented semi-circles inspired in the metal plate used to produce coin disks;…


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Portugal €2 Commemorative Coin 2011 is Now Out



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Halloween Competition



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Spain €2 2012 - Burgos Cathedral

Today, Spain revealed the design that will appear on the 2 euro commemorative coin that will be issued next year, the third coin in the UNESCO series. The coin will feature the Burgos Cathedral - 8 million coins will be minted and will be issued in March (01/03)


Today the European Commission has published the 2 euro commemorative page for the year…


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