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€2 2012 - 10 Years of Euro Banknotes and Coins Design Comeptition

Today the European Commission posted the following information about this issue. This time the European Union citiziens besides voting for the best design will also be allowed to submit designs!


January 2012 marks 10 years since the introduction of euro banknotes and coins.


To celebrate this, all euro…


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Local Communities Groups Launched



Local Communities are special groups that act like a mini-website. Members can join their country group and discuss local issues related to euro in their native language. There is a group per each member of the euro area. The intention of these groups is that members can make friendships with local people and discuss local issues related to…


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Slovenia 2011 €2 Proof - Franc Rozman-Stane



A Seller from euroHOBBY is offering the following items for sale ;



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Groups - Local Communities

The euroHOBBY website is proposing introducing groups for Local Communities, a group for each language in the eurozone. Thereby members from these countries in these groups can communicate between each other in their native language.


Please give me your opinion about…

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Austria Annual BU 2011


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Netherlands 2011: Muntrolpakketten containing Erasmus 2 euro


The Netherlands Mint on June 18th will issue 2 versions of its annual Muntrolpakketten. The Muntrolpakketten is a box that has 8 rolls of coins, one of each denomination and is released every year with coins dated to the corresponding year.…


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1200 Members


As of today the euroHOBBY website has just over 1200 members - the number of members is increase at a very high rate of about 70 new members per month


surf members here

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Vatican 2010 : Numismatic-Philatelic Envelope including €2 CC (Easter Competition Prize)

The Vatican has just issued the 2010 Numismatic-Philatelic Envelope. The envelope contains a set of stamps depicting the year of priests and the 2…


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Belgium 2 euro 2011 - Coin Card

The issuance date of this coins is still not known

Added by euroHOBBY on March 24, 2011 at 20:06 — 5 Comments


In Slovenia will be next month from 25th-27th March 5th International collectors fair for more information click this link:


You all are…


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Vatican 2011 - 50c Coin Card plus a Stamp

Only six years after his death, John Paul II will be beatified on May 1st. The miraculous healing of French Sr. Marie Simon Pierre Normanda has been officially recognized and attributed to his intercession. The process which has led to the beatification officiellement Karol Wojtyla is quite extraordinary since five years are usually required after death before starting a cause for beatification.… Continue

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Slovenia 2011 Coincard Proof 2 € - Franc Rozman Stane

Last Monday, Slovenia issued 2,000 copies of the €2 Commemorative Coin (Proof) packed in a coin card. These cards were sold for customers of the banks who reserved these cards. Will be available to other people only if customers do not buy them all.



A Seller from…

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euroHOBBY Website Update - Phase 2


Today we started the second part of the website update. The first update was done last month when the website layout was completely changed with new colours and a more modern look. Today we started the second phase which is focusing more on giving the website a new structure. Please spare some time to orient yourself with the new layout and…


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Slovenia €2 2011 Now Available!

Today Slovenia issued new 2 euro commemorative coin 100th anniversary of the birth of the national hero Franc Rozman-Stane… Continue

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euroHOBBY Promotes Euro Fairs and Exhibitions


The euroHOBBY website will start to promote any fairs or exhibitions related to the euro that will be held in your country. In order to add an exhibition to our timetable just follow this link


this can also be accessed by going to News >> Events


Once there…


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New Slovenian 2 euro commemorative coin will be out tomorrow


Franc Rozman - Stane was born on 27 March 1911 in Spodnje Pirniče near Ljubljana. He endured a poor and difficult childhood. At 15 he worked in a tavern, and later trained to be a baker's assistant. He was fascinated with the army as a boy, and was one of the first Yugoslav volunteers in Spain following the outbreak of the…

Added by putson on March 20, 2011 at 9:30 — 17 Comments

Least Liked €2 Commemorative Coins

In your opinion which designs of the €2 Commemorative coins are the least nice?

Added by euroHOBBY on March 19, 2011 at 9:36 — 23 Comments

Italy 2€ CC 2011 out on 15th March!


Italy will issue 10 million pieces of this coin instead of 1 million and the date of legal tender is 15th March 2011.

More info (in italian) here:…


Added by Daniele on March 17, 2011 at 14:52 — 17 Comments

Germany €2 2015 - Hesse (Paulskirche in Frankfurt am Main)


This will be the 2 euro commemorative coin for Germany 2015



Added by euroHOBBY on March 16, 2011 at 19:32 — 6 Comments

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