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Guillermo's Page

Profile Information

My list


My swap list of 2€ CC:


Portugal 2016 25 Abril bridge UNC

Portugal 2015 Timor UNC
Spain 2014 Coronación Juan Carlos y Felipe UNC

Spain 2014 Parque Güell UNC

Spain  2013 Monasterio del  Escorial UNC

Spain 2€ Don Quijote  2005 circulated 

Spain 2€ TOR 2007 circ VF

Spain 2€ 2009 EMU circ VF

Spain 2€ Mezquita de Córdoba 2010 circ VF

Spain 2€ La Alhambra, Granada 2011 circ VF

Spain 2€ 2012 TYE circ VF

Spain 2€ 2012 Burgos circ VF

Spain 2€ 2015 Cueva de Altamira circ VF

Netherland 2007 TOR circ

Netherland 2009 EMU circ

Netherland 2012 TYE circ

Netherland 2013 Change of Throne Announcement circ

France 2€ 2008 Presidence francaise union europeenne circ

France 2009 EMU circ

France 2€ 2010 Appel Juin circ

France 2011 Music circ

France 2012 TYE

France 2013 Elysee circ

France 2014 D day circ

France 2015 (1st) circ and unc

Belgium 2008 circ

Belgium 2009 L. Braille circ

Belgium 2009 EMU circ

Belgium 2011 circ

Belgium 2012 circ

Belgium 2012 TYE circ

Ireland 2007 TOR circ

Italy 2004 circ

Italy 2005 circ

Italy 2006 circ

Italy 2011 circ

Greece 2004 circ

Austria 2005 circ

Austria 2007 TOR circ

Austria 2009 EMU circ


       Germany 2006  D F J circ

       Germany 2007 Castle Schwerin  D F  circ

       Germany 2007 TOR  D F  circ

       Germany 2008  D F G J circ

       Germany 2009 A D F J circ

       Germany 2009 EMU A D F J circ

       Germany 2010 Bremen D F J circ

       Germany 2011 A F G J circ

       Germany 2012 Bayern A F J circ

       Germany 2013 D F J circ

       Germany 2014 D circ 

       Germany 2015 Hessen A J circ

       Germany 2015 F circ

And a lot of regular coins



I NEED 2€ cc:


Finland 2004, 2015, 2016

Portugal  2012 TYE

Slovenija 2014, 2015,2016

Malta 2014 (Independence), 2015, 2016

Luxemburg 2014 (Jean Dux), 2015, 2016

Belgium 2014 (Red Cross), 2015 (1st), 2016

Cyprus 2015

Estii 2015, 2016

A lot of Andorra, S. Marino,Vatican and Mónaco.


My mail:



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At 14:37 on August 13, 2013, Lukas Kvietok said…

Thank you for Spain CC. Everything is OK. I hope, we will trade again. I recommend!!! Good luck

At 11:42 on March 27, 2013, Ann Broens said…

hello Guillermo

im ann from holland 

i saw your mail

if you stil need them i have for you


2009 emu F

2010 Bremen D-G

i look for a set spain 2013.

let me now oke

At 22:46 on March 21, 2013, malcolm eaglen said…

hello  guillermo   yes  my  post code  no  is  7533  ve  but  i am  still  waiting  for  the  post  dont  send  me anything  yet  maybe  its  just  a  delay  in  the  post  i  will  let  know  you  know  if  anything  has  gone  wrong  im  looking  for  malta  2 euro  2010     dont  worry  about  your  coins  evey thing  will  work  out  in  time

At 20:41 on March 20, 2013, malcolm eaglen said…

hello  guillermo  no  i  have  not  yet  recived  your  coins  but  im  sure  thay  are  on  the  way  maybe  tomorrow  but  im  pleased  you  liked  the  the  coins  i  sent  you  i will  let  you  know  when  your  coins  arrive

At 22:02 on March 15, 2013, malcolm eaglen said…

hello  guillermo  your  coins  are  on  the  way  to  you

At 11:54 on March 13, 2013, malcolm eaglen said…

helllo  guillermo  how  can  you  send  me  any  coins  when  you  do  not  yet  know  my  adress  

At 13:01 on March 11, 2013, malcolm eaglen said…

hello  guillermo   from  your  list  i  would  like  to  have  spain  2006  2007  2010  2011  italy  2004  greece  2004 normal  2 euros  

At 21:35 on March 9, 2013, malcolm eaglen said…

 hello  guillermo    i  will  send  you  2 euro  cions  holland  2013  and  malta  2012               yoou  do  not  have  to  pay  or  swap  for  the  coins  you  can  have  them  for  free           i    i  only  what  you  to  look  out  for  me  if  you  can  find any  2 euros  malta 2010  and 2011    send  me  your  adress

At 23:31 on March 6, 2013, malcolm eaglen said…

hello geuillermo  i have already  the  2  coins what  i am looking  for  is  2 euros malta  2011  and  2010  

At 18:21 on March 2, 2013, Otis Pisani said…
hi,i have malta comm coins to swap 2011/2012

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