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We offer the euroHOBBY website to our members completely for free. However, that doesn't mean that the euroHOBBY website doesn't cost us any money, more on the contrary, actually we pay a high annual fee to host it. If you wish, you can help us by giving a donation of any sum that you may want. In return we will award you the Ambassador badge that would appear on your profile image so all the member would know that you are supporting us!

Ambassador Badge



All the new members upon subscription receive a window with an invitation to donate. The window looks similar to the above image. Although donations are highly appreciate and essential for the running of the website, members should not feel obliged to donate, those who do not wish to donate when this windows comes out just select €0.00 and click continue. The window will not appear again for 1 year.


In appreciation and to show all the members that you are supporting us, all the members that donate €5 or more will automatically receive the Ambassador Badge upon donating. The Badge is valid for 1 year from the date of donating, the donation window pops-out again 1 year after.

If you donated €5 or more and the badge did not appear on your profile, kindly email us at

Members who had opted not to donate by choosing €0.00 but later wish to donate, can do so by clicking here. The link will take you to your settings page - just scroll down to the title "Membership" and click on Renew Now which is to be found on the right hand side of euroHOBBY (as shown on the image below)


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