We are holding a small competition for members, basically all you have to do is to post below (only 1 post) that you are interested in this coin and then on 4th January 2012, each post we will be assigned a number and then we will draw a number and the member assigned to that number will receive one Malta 2 euro commemirative coin 2011 in UNC condition

Deadline is 4th Jan @ 22:00 CET

Postage will be paid by euroHOBBY if the address is in Europe

Members posting more than once will be disqualified

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 HNY 2012!!!

I´m interested in this coin too.
Really beautiful one.


Im interested in this coin as well :)

I am really interested in this coin

I'm interested , thanks


I am interested in this coin.

It's a nice one


I'm interested in this coin! Estoy interesado en esta moneda


I am interested in competition as well.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Happy New Year.

Hello, I'm interested in this coin !

Happy new year !

David P

i am interested in this coin.


as per the rules the competition closed today at 10pm CET

we will announce the winner soon

thanks to all that took part

Congratulations to Marin Petrovic he is the winner of the coin - we have used randrom.org to pick up the winner


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