Hi all,

The new SME version 4.3.0/63 is now available for Download from the SME homepage.

It includes 8 new 2 euro commemorative coins.



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Unfortunately there was a bug in version 4.3.0/63 which was published today. In that version the coins from Luxembourg were not displayed correctly.
If you already installed version 4.3.0/63 please download the corrected version 4.3.0/64 and install it.
Please also check if the number of coins in your collection for Luxembourg is still correct. Some numbers may have get lost for Luxembourg due to the bug in version 4.3.0/63. If that is the case with your collection please input the numbers for Luxembourg again.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Installed 4.3.0/64 and works great. Thanks for the update.



You are welcome. Greetings to Australia!


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