When Latvia joined Euro zone, then I started to collect the coins. Installed Somany.de. Everything's OK.

I did but the data directory in my dropbox folder.

Now I want to use the same folder from another installation. But, when I'm opening the new installation in another computer I get this error screen. Is it somehow locked with the primary app? The primary app is closed at this time of course. See pic.

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Did you check that the file is stored on the other computer in the path as shown in the error message?

The app doesn't lock the file. So that can't be the problem.

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The paths are different. One computer has one and the other an another path.

But both paths are pointing to same dir/shared dir where are the files located.

Are You saying that the .dat file itself contains the path where's it's saved?

No, the software is scanning the data folder for sme_user files.

On the computer with the error message did you check: C:\Users\Administrator\Dropbox\SoManyEuros\sme_user.dat? Does that file exist?

Did you try to start the software as administrator (right click on SoManyEuros.exe and "start as administrator" from the popup menu)?

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Of course the file exists. I'm installing on a computer a fresh install from Somany.de.

Opening it and then pointing the software to use the collection folder. Which is on my Dropbox folder.

I'm using the same folder on my main computer. Created with an older version of somany software. Maby the versions?? My main goal is to use ONE folder from different computers/Somany installations.

Did you try to start the software as administrator (right click on SoManyEuros.exe and "start as administrator" from the popup menu)?

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Yes, the result's the same.

Tried all the instructions in FAQ part in the home page. Tried fresh install. None works.

I did a little test. It should be no problem to open a file created by an older version with the latest version. However you will get an error message (like the one in your original post) when you open a file created with the latest version with an old version of the software. 

Please try to install the same SME versions on both computers and try again.

It would also be interesting to know what happens if you copy the folder from the dropbox folder into a "normal" folder and try to open it with the SME software. Does that work or do you get the same error message?

Yes the same error, already tried.

My situation:

I have my main computer, where I started to "collect" coins and installed the SME soft. I'm upgrading it regularily and no problems with this specific installation. sme_user is stored in Dropbox from the beginning of my hobby.

Now I want to have another computer equipped with SME and my colllection, but I can't get it done. Tried to use the Dropbox path or to copy also at that computer. None solution works. :(

Maby I could send You an archive with my files and You could check it ?

Yes, please send me an email (euros at somany.de)



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