Now that 19 EU countries are using the euro and a further four microstates are issuing euro coins, which will be the next country to do so?

Possibilities are:

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom.

My vote is for Croatia.

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Actually there is one more candidate that could be the next eurozone member - Montenegro. As it is most likely that after joining EU it will automatically become also a member of eurozone, as they are already using euro.

Indeed... Countries with a national currency need to join the ERM II mechanism to prove that their currency is stable and their economy can withstand the pressure of a stable currency (Economies with poor indicators need to devaluate currency often). How would countries without national currency (eg Montenegro) join the ERM II? 

Like Andorra did.
Andorra is different story
Thé discussion about Montenegro has no sense as the only currency of Montenegro is...5
The euro. There is no other one.
Just talking about the possibility of issuing their own coins... Nowadays they have unilaterally adopted the euro, using currency issued in the eurozone.

Actually it makes a alot of sense. As Montenegro is not a member of  Eurozone but it will become one automatically as it joins EU. I think it will happen in next 5 years, so it is quite possible that exactly Montenegro could be the next Eurozone country.


If Bulgaria joins ERM II in 2018 the country can adopt the Euro in 2021.

According to my sources, Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia will not enter ERM II in 2015.

Romania plans to enter ERM II in 2016.  Therefore, there is a possibility that Romania will adopt the Euro in 2019.

A country must spend 2 years in ERM II before adopting the Euro.

If Bulgaria joins ERM II in 2018 the country can adopt the Euro in 2021.

Daniel Filipe Martins Rodrigues,

If Bulgaria joins ERM II in 2018 the country will have to remain in the ERM II in 2018 and 2019. The European Commission will publish a report on Bulgaria in May or June 2020 in which it will determine if Bulgaria is ready to adopt the Euro in 2021.

If the report of the European Commission is positive Bulgaria will adopt the Euro in 2021.


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