Now that 19 EU countries are using the euro and a further four microstates are issuing euro coins, which will be the next country to do so?

Possibilities are:

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom.

My vote is for Croatia.

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Croatia has volatile economy, dependent on foreign currency and tourism has even bigger share in economy than in Greece! So I really doubt they will adopt it soon, but they may still end up being next :D Turkey I think would also prefer to leave some space for currency manoeuvres , but membership is unlikely anyway ... not just or even very much because it's Muslim, but it's huge country and very different in development level from most of Europe.

I also vote Croatia

I think there are plenty of candidates for unilateral adoption of the euro as their currency, both inside the EU (Bulgaria's and Romania's currencies are already tied to the euro and I'm pretty certain that the kuna is at least pegged through a currency basket) and outside such as Bosnia (already tied to the euro), Ukraine, Belarus maybe.

I think we will have to wait at least 3 years for the next country to officially join... And as a collector, I'm glad of that, gives me a chance to catch up with the now 23 sets issues per year, plus all the €2 CC...

I got yesterday the Information that the next country to join the euro will be POLAND...but not before 2020. No other country is expected to join before.

I think first  will be Poland, Croatia and Czech republic but all will be after 2020

None of the countries (except Denmark) could actually join before 2018 as they must spend 2 years in ERMII. None of them have joined the ERMII yet.


It's nice dream but POL and CZE not hurry with €, ROM has not good economy and CRO has other problem than to want €

In my opinion, no country will join the eurozone in a long time. But the biggest mativation to join has, from a geo-pollitical point of view, Poland. However, until 2020 there will not be any new members. That is my assumption. :)

Leave? I don't think so.... The possible pro-communist new Greek government will want to keep the euro but drop the memorandum of strict financial discipline ... If the IMF and the EU reject any changes that will lead the ECB to expel Greece from the eurozone... The result will be the same, but there is semantic difference between leaving and being expelled...

I wonder what would happen with Greek euro coins then. Would they be valid even if Greece was not a member of the eurozone?

No, they will not be valid any longer.
Their status would be like that of Euro coins of China :-)

Nothing like that... They will be valid since the EURO is backed by the ECB and not the National Bank of Greece. 

If the future Greek government wishes to mint Drachma again, they will have to acquire credibility by creating a significant reserve of gold or hard currency (dollar, pound, euro) to the BoG treasury, or  else their new coin will be as worthless as the Wold War II German Marks were. 

Possibly, no sane Greek citizen will run to the bank and exchange his/her few euros with the new Drachma. So the only solution will be the forceful exchange of the bank accounts into worthless drachmas, which will be actually a theft of all people's savings.


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