Now that 19 EU countries are using the euro and a further four microstates are issuing euro coins, which will be the next country to do so?

Possibilities are:

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Poland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom.

My vote is for Croatia.

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I think also that Croatia will be the next

I think next country can be poland. United Kingdom and Sweden I think don't adopt euro.

Romania expects for 2019

I think Croatia and after Poland

I'm curious what designs will Croatia have

From the list, I would bet on Poland.
Off the list, I would rate Ukraine as a good shot.

I always wonder, what is keeping Turkey off the list? Any comments,especially politics oriented?

I don't think the UK will actually leave the EU, despite what Cameron and Farage have to say: there are too many City interests to keep us in...

Iceland aren't in the EU so whilst they can adopt the euro, they won't be issuing their own coins... Of the other EU states yet to join the euro, only Denmark meets all the criteria but won't join without a referendum and none of the other countries meet all the convergence criteria. I would say that Bulgaria is the closest to joining the euro as they technically already use that currency (the leu is pegged to the euro at a fixed exchange rate)... I think we're in for a good few years without any new members!

Ukraina cannot adopt the euro...simply because Ukraina is not yet a member of the EU.

The next country will be for sure Croatia, probably within 2 or 3 years.

Unfortunately Poland will not do it because at least 5 years....

The other countriesyou mention, either they don't want it ( Hungary, Czech Republic, UK, Denmark, Sweden), or they ar not ready for this (Romania, Bulgaria).

Concerning Turkey....they do not fulfill the conditions to be admitted in the EU?
I think, next will be Denmark!

First of all i wish happy new year and i think the next country will adopt the euro is Hungary.

Happy new year...

Four years ago, I would bet on a fast Icelandic joining the EU and adopting the euro... But no more.

Three months ago, my hopes were that Scotland would even beat Lithuania to it. But no more Scotland...

Let's disqualify the UK, Sweden and Denmark... They do not wish to adopt the euro. The UK prime minister even threaten they may actually leave the EU completely.

If Turkey were given membership, they would be the most enthusiastic to join the euro. But there is justified skepticism in EU about the appropriateness of their possible full accession to the European Union.

I would bet on Bulgaria joining the euro soon. Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic are my runner ups .


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