Hi swappers this is my search list

Andorra 2016 1€

France 2002 1ct

Italy 2014 1€, 2€

Italy 2015 50ct, 1€,

Italy 2016 20ct, 50ct, 1€, 2€

Netherlands 2002 1ct, 10ct

All these coins minted for circulation in 2017 from

Eire 2017 (set)

France 2017 2ct, 5ct

Germany 2017

A 1ct, 10ct, 20ct

D 1ct, 2ct, 5ct, 10ct, 20ct

F 2ct

G 1ct, 2ct, 5ct, 20ct, 2€

J 10ct

Greece 2017 (1ct, 2ct, 5ct, 10ct)

Italy 2017 20ct, 50ct, 1€, 2€

Malta 2017 (minted for circulation)

Portugal 2017 1ct

Spain 2017 (set)

Vatican City 50ct from 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

These coins can be circulated.

2€ CC Luxembourg second of 2017

I hope that you can help me with a few coins.

My swaplist can you find here http://www.lvh-verzamelingen.net/Eurocoins/Countries/swapccanswap.html

For the 2€ CC here http://www.lvh-verzamelingen.net/Eurocoins/Countries/swapcccanswap....

Feel free to contact me for the condition of the coins, questions and swap proposals!

you can see my site also for condition, world coins and others http://www.lvh-verzamelingen.net


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Update 27/09/2017

Updated searchlist
Delete some German coins from my search list


Hi Luc,

may i have your mail address to contact you about an aventually exchange please?

Mine is williamdifrangia@hotmail.it


Best regards 


Update 14/12/17


  Beste Luc,

Van de lijst gewenste munten, kan ik u de volgende 2017 munten bezorgen

FR borst

CY Paphos

PT Brandao 

 Andorra 1€ 2016

en ik verwacht de Lux Willem III

Zelf ben ik geïnteresseerd in de Maltese 2015 vlieger en Maltese 2016 Liefde.


Hi Christian.

stuur mij een  mail, vanhavereluc@skynet.be



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