Hi to every one.

These are my updated lists

Euro that I need (EuroCerco). The Year, where is indacated, is the year of that tyoe of coins. 

Euro that I offer (EuroOffro) FDC = Uncirculated, QFDC = Almost UNC.

No-Euro I offer (AltroOffro)

They are in Italian but I think they're enough clear.

I looking for


San Marino Lit

1 Ruble CCCP

English Coins



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i need Italy 2004cc unc,LUX.2016 CC UNC,i have Engish coins ,let me know what you need.

my e-mail pachristina@yahoo.gr

Best regards


I sent you the list of english coins I need.

I hope you someones for me.

Ciao Mario, posso avere la tua mail per inviarti una lista di monete che ho?

La mia è williamdifrangia@hotmail.it

Sir, I can offer you U K 1£ comomorative Round Pounds. I am interested in World Coins Comomoratiing Scientists. Please let me know if interested.
With regards,
Ullhas Chogle,

Sorry I don't understand which types of coins you're looking for.

Euro or not euro ?

You can download my file eurooffro.doc and altrooffro.txt, where you cain find the coins I offer.




I read your file for what you need, and I can offer the following for a swap:
Finlandia    2,00    2008    D

Slovenia    2,00    2008    C    5º centenario della nascita di Primož Trubar

Slovenia    2,00    2012    C    10º anniversario dell'introduzione in circolazione delle banconote e monete in euro

Are you interested?


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