Swapping of circulated euro coins (every country and every year)

Hello, I want to swap circulated Euro coins and also all 2 Euro commemorative coins of every country and year (but also uncirculated Euro coins if it is necessary). Currently I have 2,390 (of which 1,109 different) coins for swap.

If you are interested for swap, please send me a message. Then we can swap us swap-list by email.

Best regards


PS: Google translator is my best friend. ;o)

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write me  tonimbcnole@gmail.com and I ll send you my swap list

Best Regards

Hello Jens,

Please mail me. I drive this weekend to CZ.


I have only 1 night to look for you and can dilever on saturday morning.

I'm interested

hi, my email is francescop12345@gmail.com, if you want i can send my swap list

you have a list?

Are You interested in any Polish coins for  swap?

Write please on e=mail: bprysak@poczta.onet.pl

Regards, Bohdan.

Hey Jens, i collect the same as you and like swap.
Please send me your swaplist at steve.mathieu1@telenet.be

Best regards,

Hello Jens. I´m from Madrid, Spain and new in this forum.

If you want to try some swap with me, please let me know your e,mail and/or preferences.

Mine is      viajarporahi@gmail.com

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards

Miguel López

Hey Jens,

Love to see your swaplists

Send them PLEASE to steve.mathieu1@telenet.be




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