This group is for swapping! You can make your swapping requests by posting in the Discussion Forum. In this group please post in English Only! Before you make a deal we advise that you search up about the swapper.



1) In order to avoid multiple posts by the same member and to make it easier for swapping, please Open Only One Swapping Post and in it list all the items that you have for swapping and what you are looking for. Ideally you should name the topic as "Your Name Swap List" eg. euroHOBBY's Swap List.  When you add new items just edit the first original post and in the comment box list what you have added/altered/deleted - from time to time you can clean the topic by deleting comment posts that are not longer valid. I urge all of you to comply with this rule. You are still allowed to open specific posts when you are looking for a special coin or a new issue but please keep this to a minimum.


2) Selling Posts to sell your extra coins are allowed if kept at a minimum. If you wish to sell a large volume of coins then you have a write down your VAT number.


3) Post in English Only

4) If you had an unsuccessful swap or a problem with a swapper, open a topic here so we can evaluate if the issue you had was a one-off or else more members are having similar problems with the same swapper - in this case an action by euroHOBBY will be taken. Check below regarding how to report a bad swapper.

5) We take no responsibility for any swaps done


How to Report a Bad Swapper

Please follow the following Guideline when you come to Report a Bad Swapper;

1. Only report someone as a Bad Swapper after you had tried to contact the swapper personally and tried to solve the dispute.

2. Open a topic in the forum, if you didn't manage to solve the dispute e.g. no reply from swapper after more than 1 week

3. When you open the topic - we will ask if you tried to solve the dispute internally. If yes we go to step 4 - if not the topic will be deleted.

4. We send the topic to all the members to check if they also had similar problems with the same swapper.

5. If plenty of other members had similar problems - we will ban the Bad Swapper and write some keywords from his/her home address to avoid future potential swappers to fall in the trap. Topic will be stored.

6. If we receive little to no reports - we don't take action against the swapper; sometimes mails do get lost in post. Topic will be deleted.

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