Swap bu set, UNC Loose series cyprus 2018 and 2019 and much more

Hi my name is Giorgos

I have many 2 euro commemorative but also i have many bus set and unc series from Finland and Cyprus

I am looking some single coins 1 c till 2 euro to from some countries and years and also some bu sets to complete me collection

Please ask me about my coins which i have for swap

Enjoy the christmass time

Best Regards

From Greece

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hi Giorgos do you swap also common coin?, can you write me at francescop12345@gmail.com so i can send you my swap list

i am looking only bu set, and regulars unc

Do you have my friend?

just some regular of san marino unc, and italy 2cc 2018 ministero della salute

And are you interested only for 2 euro commemorartive coin or also you want regulars??

i'm interested in both but i don't mind about condition 

Ok my friend

Please sent me email 


And we ll discuss there

hi, i sent you


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