Hello all,

its been a long since my last post here.

i attach my two lists and maybe someone is

interested in a swap. 

i also have greek bu blisters for swap

i am interested in coins from the mini states


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Hello Alexis,

I am interested in a swap, i collect regular coins and commerative coins.

Do you have a list of what you need?



Hello Dieter 

send me an email with your list of double coins


Hello Tompazis Alexis!

I would like to get the following 2€ commemorative coins from your list:

  • UNC 2009 CYPRUS (EMU);
  • UNC 2017 ESTONIA (Road to independence);
  • UNC 2016 MALTA (Temple);
  • UNC 2017 MALTA (Temple);
  • UNC 2016 PORTUGAL (Olympics).

I have got the following 2€ commemorative coins to swap:

  • UNC 2012 PORTUGAL (Guimarães) - only 1:2 (or one rare coin)
  • UNC 2014 PORTUGAL (Carnation Revolution)
  • UNC 2014 PORTUGAL (Family Farmer)
  • UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (Red Cross)
  • UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (Timor)
  • UNC 2015 PORTUGAL (30YEUFlag)
  • UNC 2017 PORTUGAL (P.S.P.)
  • UNC 2017 PORTUGAL (Raul Brandão).

Are you interested?

My e-mail is jvieiragomes@gmail.com

Best regards

João Vieira Gomes


my name is Bert van Leeuwen from the Netherlands. I can sent to you my list of 2 EuroCC coins, all in circulated quality. I'have seen your list and maybe there is something interesting.

My email address: bert@dircd.com



I need these three coins:

2 euro cc 2017 assembly

2 euro cc 2016 Mitropoulos

2 euro cc 2017 Kazantzakis

γεια σου φιλε,

θα σε ενδιεφερε ανταλλαγη με κυπριακα unc?

nai fisika.

exw to 2009 kai to 2017. ena apo afta na sou to dwsw 2 fores.

υπαρχει κατι ακομα που ισως να σε ενδιεφερε να μου στειλεις 2 και 2 ? μπορω να στειλω αυριο με απλο. πες μου τι πιστευεις η στειλε pm

mipos exei prosthethi kati stin lista sou ton commemoratives?

2 euro cc swap list

Belgium 2006 Atomium x2 CIRC
Cyprus 2009 EMU x2 CIRC x1 UNC
Cyprus 2012 TYE x2 UNC
Cyprus 2017 Odeon x1 UNC
Estonia 2012 TYE x1 CIRC x1 UNC
Estonia 2015 Flag x1 UNC
Estonia 2016 Keres x3 UNC
Estonia 2017 Assembly x1 UNC
Finland 2016 Wright x1 UNC
Greece 2007 TOR x1 CIRC
Greece 2009 EMU x1 CIRC
Greece 2011 Special Olympics x2 CIRC
Greece 2014 Ionian Islands x1 CIRC x1 UNC
Greece 2015 Louis x7 UNC
Greece 2015 Flag x1 CIRC
Greece 2016 Mitropoulos x26 UNC
Greece 2016 Arkadi x26 UNC
Greece 2017 Kazantzakis x12 UNC
Greece 2017 Philippi x56 UNC
Ireland 2007 TOR x1 CIRC
Italy 2015 Flag x2 UNC
Italy 2017 Saint Marco x1 UNC
Italy 2017 Titus Livius x1 UNC
Latvia 2015 Flag x1 CIRC x1 UNC
Latvia 2017 Kurzeme x1 UNC
Latvia 2017 Latgale x1 UNC
Lithuania 2015 Flag x1 UNC
Malta 2016 Ggantija Temples x3 UNC
Netherlands 2015 Flag x1 CIRC
Portugal 2012 TYE x1 UNC
Portugal 2015 Timor x1 UNC
Portugal 2016 Olympics x1 UNC
Portugal 2017 Public Security x3 UNC
Slovakia 2011 Visegrad x1 UNC
Slovakia 2014 European Membership x1 UNC
Slovakia 2015 Flag x1 UNC
Slovakia 2015 Stur x1 UNC
Slovenia 2015 Flag x1 UNC
Spain 2007 TOR x1 CIRC
Spain 2013 Escorial x4 UNC

αν θελεις τελικα τα 3 αρχικα , θελω δυο του 2009 και ενα του 2017. αν συμφωνεις στειλε μου διεθυνση και θα στειλω αυριο το γραμμα.

tote prosthese kai afto:

Italy 2017 Titus Livius x1 UNC

tha sou stilw 2 + 2. ok?

stile mou tin diefthinsi sou sto :



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