I'm collecting all regular coins of all years and also the 2 euro CC. For the regular coins and the normal 2 euro CC I have a good case to store the coins. However, I have also the 2 euro coins CC in folders of San Marino and Vatican. But I get them and then I "just put them aside"..

Now is my question does someone have a solution how to store the folders of the Vatican and San Marino?

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I do not know but I have absolutely the same question on my side.

I had the same problem as well. I don't have many CC coins from the Vatican City, but I have most of the San Marino CC's and also Andorra CC's. San Marino and Andorra use the exact same format for their coincards. The San Marino ones are packaged in a small box aw well though. I always kept putting them aside as well, but finally got enough of it and decided that at the very least I wanted to properly store the Andorra ones. So when I visited my collectors' supplies shop earlier this week I asked them I they had anything that could satisfy my requirements. I acquired a simple ringbinder and couple of pockets that can store 4 coincards each all in A4 format. The brand is "LUKOS by VINYA" . The 4 per pocket format fits the Andorra and Vatican City coincards/folders nicely. Alternatively you could use a 2 per pocket format for the Vatican City folders if you prefer to store them folded open. The San Marino boxes are just too large for the format format so I think you'll rather need a 3 per pocket format for them. Moreover, the first two San Marino CC's came in a much larger square format folder, so at the moment I have my San Marino CC's still lying aside. They have a wide variety of formats of pockets available so I'm sure one should be ably to find what one likes. Hope this helped you somewhat.


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