Hi swappers this is my search list

Belgium 2018 5ct

Belgium 2019 10ct

France 2018 5ct

Germany 2017 G 5ct

Germany 2018 G 2ct

Germany 2018 D 1ct,

Italy 2015 1€

Italy 2016 1€

Italy 2017 50ct, 1€

Italy 2018 50ct, 1€

San Marino 2018 20ct, 50ct

All the coins for circulation in 2019

Exept Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, Malta

These coins can be circulated. I hope that you can help me with a few coins. Feel free to contact me for the condition of the coins, questions and swap proposals!

Regards Luc

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Hi friend

i have a few regulars by years for you

please write to my email


thank you

i can help you with some italian coins, contact me at francescop12345@gmail.com

Update 1/8/19

Not needed anymore.

France 2017 5ct; 2018 10ct, 50ct, 2€
Italy 2014 2€; 2015 50ct; 2016 20ct, 2€
Italy 2017 20ct, 2€; 2018 5ct, 10ct, 20ct, 2€
Vatican City 2018 50ct
San Marino 2018 1€



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