This year, will be a record year for the number of €2 commemorative coins that will be released. How is your collection going?

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I'm seriously thinking of leaving, it is becoming too expensive,
  just to make money. :(

was better, only 1 commemorative for year.

I think this is too much  at a certain point a lot of collectors will quit 

European Countries should reconsider

Too many coins, too expensive. With addition of Latvia and Andorra, and likely Lithuania next year, the number of coins is growing out of proportion. And what if another common issue is planned? That's gonna be a killer.

In my opinion it'll become out of control.

First because it is unaffordable for the most of the collectors. Some countries, Portugal included, are using the 2€ commemorative coins to benefit dealers rather than to advertise the importance of the events they commemorate.

Second I presume and I see the numismatic (common 2€ commemorative coins) as a vehicle of culture. Short emissions are not enough to spread information: if they are not being used among daily transactions they are aimless.

Only collectors are feeding this issues, but many are giving up.

It should be reconsidered the maximum number of coins per country.

One per year is enough and the subjects should be better choosen.

Yes it will be an expensive year if you want to get them all. As far as my collection is going I have got 202 of the 211 presently issued. There are 30 confirmed so far yet to come this year with the possibility of some others.

The nine 2 euro CC coins that I have not got are the early Vatican, San Marino & Monaco Grace Kelly ones.


And yet Ireland has never issued a unique 2 euro CC .. I wonder if they ever will?


I also collect Australian decimal releases and if you think there are a lot of 2 euro CC's you should try collecting AU coins .. in 2013 there were 34 CC coins as well as the normal definitive ones.


Then there are UK and USA coins .. I pick up them too ... :)


I might have to start concentrating on just the one type soon.  


Cheers Mike

I agree with all the friends who replied before me.

The all thing is getting out of control! Too expensive, themes of no-importance, no time 'to enjoy' the new coins released.....


OK 2014 had thirty (30) 2 euro cc's ... but 2012 still held the record at thirty eight (38).


2004 - 6

2005 - 8

2006 - 11

2008 - 14

2009 - 33

2010 - 16

2011 - 20

2012 - 38

2013 - 31

2014 - 30

total to end of 2014 - 235


2015 - 52 and still counting.


2015 will be the new champion though ... at latest count I get fifty two (52) including the Andorra one just mentioned.


It will be a very expensive year, more than 2014 was,  that's for sure if you want to get them all. I would estimate it would cost about €390 to get them all. That is putting normal country ones at about €4 each and the rare Vatican etc ones at €40. Plus you have to pay postage costs on top. 


Cheers Mike 



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