I have an interesting error coin about which I would like to find out more.
Maybe you could help me.

I have a Latvian commemorative silver 5 Euro coin Baltic Way issued this year in original round plastic capsule. Coin was issued by Bank of Latvia in Proof (!) quality and issue limit was 10 000 coins.
Bank of Latvia informed collectors that design of this coin will contain 3 national flags that will be in colours. There are no other designs- just this one with 3 flags in colours.

Coin, I bought directly from Bank of Latvia, was with error in its design- 2/3 of colours in 3rd flag were missing (colour is missing on 22.2% of surface where it should have been)...
Due to the fact that none of the collectors, I know, have ever seen or heard anything about this type of error, I started to search on internet. I wasn't able to find any information about this kind of errors...

I hope you can give me some ideas about my case. I wanted to understand:

  • Have you ever seen or heard about Proof (!) Euro coins with this type of error (not fully coloured elements)? Or this is the first publicly known case?
  • If you have seen, maybe you have any photos of those proof error coins?
  • Is this type of error considered to rare and valuable?
  • Maybe you know any worldwide examples between Proof (!) dollars, pounds, rubles etc. with this kind of mint error? (for example- Canadian Proof coin with national flag missing red colour etc.)
    If you do know, maybe you have any photos of those proof error coins?
All this situation is something completely new for me and it is very hard to find any information.

Thank you very much for your time and answers!
Have a good day!

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Hi, I'm interested in variants.....

but I think your case is not really a variant but instead a real mistake from the mint. As it is a proof and I imagine you payed a certain amount for that coin, I would ask the mint to change the coin.



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