Hi, I'm offering circulated slovenian CC and regular coins in swaps for whatever country CC you can offer.

Right now (23.10.2017) I can offer for swaps the following:

Austria 1x 2005, 3x 2012 (10Y), 3x 2016

Belgium 1x 2009 (EMU)

France 1x 2009 (EMU), 2x 2010

Germany 1xF 2007, 3xD 2007 (ToR), 1xD 2009 (EMU), 1xF 2011, 1xD 2013

Italy 1x 2004, 3x 2006, 2x 2011, 1x 2014 (Carabinieri)

Nederlands 1x 2007 (ToR), 1x 2009 (EMU), 1x 2012 (10Y)

Slovenia 2x 2014, 2x 2015, 1x 2015 (flag)

Spain 1x 2010



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Hello, do you still offer Slovenian 2€ commemorative coins? I offer Slovakian commemorative coins if you are interested.

My email: info.mail@zoznam.sk


Hi! I am from Greece and I would like to swap with you cc 2 euro coins from Slovenia, all the years you have. I can give you all you need from Greece. Please reply to knikotian@lycos.com

I am new at eurohobby. I can offer cc coins from Luxemburg (2013 and both 2014; coins are uncirculated)
I am interested in slovenian cc coins.
I have seen that you also Need german coins. I will Check if have some you need.
If you are interested you can contact me via email.


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