Hi to every one.

These are my updated lists

Euro that I offer (EuroOffro) FDC = Uncirculated, QFDC = Almost UNC.

No-Euro I offer (AltroOffro)

They are in Italian but I think they're enough clear.

I looking for

San Marino Lit

1 Ruble CCCP

English Coins



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I have English old coins, if you are interested      pachristina@yahoo.gr

Best regards


Dear Mario

I went through an old bunch of unsorted coins and found some coins, which might be of interest for you:

- 10 Ruble 2010 (coin)

- 10 Ruble 1997 (banknote)

- One Penny 1989

- 1 New Penny 1971

- 2 New Pence 1979

- 10 New Pence 1968

- 1 Half Penny 1947

- 2 Shilling 1959

Just tell me, if you are interested.

Greetings, Bernhard.


I'm sorry but i don't need any of you coins. If you want, I can sell you the coins you need

Best regards


OK, thank you for your reply. I know, that these are no "special" coins, but I just wanted to ask, before I give them away. By the way, in the whole bunch there are also non-Euro Coins from Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal and The Netherlands, as well as Coins from Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Jugoslavia, Guatemala and Turkey. Since I do not need them, I will get rid of them and if someone could need them ... fine, if not ... metal trash. :-).

Hi to every one

Just yestrday i got the Italia 2018 60° Ministero della salute (2 coins) and Malta 2018 (Menaidra and Cultural heritage) all from rolls.

But I'm not looking for euro, but 1 ruble commemorative coin from URSS. Otherwise I can sell them

Napoli Frosinone 4 - 0


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