Next year, 15 years after euro coins started to circulate, San Marino will change the design on their national coins!

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Why was it felt to change the design?
May be, to sell the set at a high price?

Well for San Marino, issuing of euro coins is just business

just look at all the 2 euro commemorative coins issued by San Marino - most of them commemorate the birth/death of famous Italians with little if any connection to San Marino


I'm surprised that they are able to come up with another eight different things about San Marino...

Perhaps they just got tired of old ones.

I don't think is true. I cannot find any announcement at all regarding San Marino redesigning their coins anywhere.

all subscribers with San Marino AASFN had received the numismatic programme for 2017 and near the standard coins 2017 they wrote that they will have a new design

Bad luck. I'm such a subscriber and that is not written on the 2017 programme I received

you can see it here

Brilliant uncirculated divisional coin set with new national sides

here it is 


Due in June
Price around 27€ excluding VAT

Any idea if Rome mint is minting it for them?

I have enough reliable information: the print run will be like that of the previous series, which is about 35,000 pieces. Perhaps 1,000 pieces more
So very very low compared to the huge demand... 


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