Hey there.

I opened one of those threads some years ago and asked the simple question: "What could be the theme of the next (few) common commemorative coin(s) to be issued by all eurozone countries?" I abandoned the thread as people didn't really get the gist of it and started talking about the merits of joint issues, common designs and so on. I want to make it clear this time: I don't care about how the common coin issuance is executed, I'm interested in the possible themes.

So, up till now we had the following anniversaries for which common commemoratives were issued:

- 50. anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome (2007)

- 10 years of the european Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) (2009)

- 10 years of eurocash (2012)

- 30 years of the european flag being the flag of the European Union (2015)

There was an idea for a common commemorative in 2017 commemorating the combined themes of the 25. anniversary of the Treaty of Masstricht and the 20. anniversary of the Treaty of Amsterdam, but it was never realised.

Now we have a pattern and it's quite obvious we will have joint issues about every 2-3 years, so I'm asking the question again:

What could be the theme of the next common commemorative coin to be issued by all eurozone countries?

Please discuss the merits of such issues in a seperate thread or at least give some proposals and make the merit based discussion a side theme.

I'd be happy to hear your ideas,


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