Here post about the following:

- News about the new €10 banknotes from the Europa Series

- After the launch of this banknotes (23rd Sept 2014), please post whenever you find one of these banknotes, also indicating the location.

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The Eurosystem will unveil the new Europa series €10 banknote on 13 January 2014 and issue the note later in the year. The new euro banknote will be issued after summer 2014.



Date of issuance: 23 September 2014


Prior to the unveiling of the new €10 banknote in January 2014, European Union residents can discover the note’s security features in a competition launched today.


20 high-scoring players will win €5 VIP banknotes from the Europa series personally signed by the President of the European Central Bank.


80 runners-up will receive a commemorative €10 banknote from the first series.


The new €10 banknote will be unveiled on 13 January 2014 and start circulating later in the year. To draw attention to its security features, the European Central Bank is today launching an online competition for European Union residents over 18 years old. Players have to uncover four of these features and also guess the number of euro banknotes in circulation in the euro area on 31 December 2013. The competition opens at 10 a.m. today and closes at 11.59 p.m. CET on 12 January 2014.


Christine Graeff, Director General Communications & Language Services at the ECB, says: “The euro is the most visible and internationally known symbol of a united Europe. 334 million people use euro banknotes every day. This game is a fun way to remind all of us to take a closer look at them”.


For media inquiries, please contact Elodie Lafitte Nowodazkij, tel.: +49 69 1344 7390






At 11.00 a.m. on 13 January 2014 Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, unveils the new €10 banknote at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.


At 11.00 a.m. Yves Mersch, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, unveiled the new €10 banknote at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. The new €10 will start circulating on 23 September 2014.



(c) ECB

some new 10 euro banknotes were found in circulation due to theft

The new 10 euro banknote from the Europa  series will start to circulate in the eurozone as from 23th September 2014. If you find one of these notes you can report here by listing when and where you found it.

The European Central Bank is organizing a competition, take a selfie with the new 10 euro banknote

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Why do they want you to have Twitter or Instagram account?

Has it been sponsored by them?

Since when is EU marketing US products and services?

I see this from a totally different angle

the EU is just being down to earth and encouraging people to send images via platforms that they use on daily basis - if something is good and useful, the country of origin is irrelevant

it will take decades for the EU to start producing such products, as unlike the USA, the EU is fragmented and focuses more on national interests rather than working for the common good of the European continent. Till then we have to rely on American products.

New €10 banknote starts circulating tomorrow

  • The note is more resistant to counterfeiting and is easy to check.

  • The Eurosystem has supported producers and owners of banknote machines and devices in getting ready for the new note.

  • An online video “Discover the new €10 banknote”, available in 23 languages, is a quick and easy way to learn about it.

The €10 banknote of the Europa series will enter into circulation on 23 September 2014. “It’s essential that everyone who uses euro banknotes can continue to do so with complete confidence. That’s why we’re introducing the Europa series”, said Yves Mersch, the ECB’s Executive Board member responsible for banknotes.

Like the new €5, the new €10 has several enhanced security features as well as a fresh look. Its hologram and watermark include a portrait of Europa, a figure from Greek mythology. It also has an “emerald number”. When tilted, the shiny number displays an effect of the light that moves up and down, and also changes colour from emerald green to deep blue. With these features and others, the new €10 is very easy to check using the “feel, look and tilt” method.

To facilitate the introduction of the new banknote and to ensure it is as widely recognised as possible, the Eurosystem has taken many measures to further support the producers and owners of banknote handling machines and authentication devices. One initiative was to make new €10 banknotes available for testing purposes almost nine months ahead of the launch, allowing sufficient time for the equipment to be adapted. Another initiative was to simplify the procedures to receive the new €10 banknotes for adaptation purposes. In addition, the Eurosystem organised – as part of the Eurosystem Partnership Programme – a banknote-related seminar in Brussels, while the national central banks were in direct contact with the relevant stakeholders in their country.

The European Central Bank has received confirmation from the national central banks of the euro area that they have done everything that could be reasonably expected within their capacity to facilitate the adaptation of banknote handling machines and authentication devices in their countries for the new note.

“To make the launch of the new €10 go as smoothly as possible, I urge all those owning banknote equipment to make sure that it can handle the new banknotes,” Mr Mersch said.

The €10 banknotes of the first series will continue to be issued in order to use up stocks. They will circulate alongside the Europa series €10 before being phased out later on and eventually ceasing to be legal tender. This change in their status will be announced well in advance.

A video entitled “Discover the new €10 banknote”, available at in 23 European Union languages, provides further information on the new note and how to check it. It is one of several cash-related videos on the website, which also offers other ways of learning about the banknotes, such as the “Euro Cash Academy”.


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