As you probably know each country can decide its mintage volume of 2 euro commemorative coins, there is nothing in the regulations that can stop a country from issuing a low volume. In view that now each country can issue 2 coins per year and thus the number of coins has exponentially increased, do you believe that now it is about time for the European Commission to set a minimum mintage volume e.g. 1 Million? This year Monaco will issue 1 million coins and that shows that any country can at least mint 1 million coins irrespective of its size!

What is your opinion?

What should be the minimum volume?

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No minimum volume, just one 2 euro commemorative coin per country, only one.

If there is a common issue, nothing more.

Just stop the overdose of 2 euro commemorative coins.

The collectors will lose their interest.

Overprοduction of 2 euro commemorative coins is useless.

I agree with Dionysios k. 


Over issue of 2 euro commemorative coins is getting more expensive to have the whole collection.


Most collectors are losing interest in the 2 Euro collection


700.000/1.000.000, just one 2 euro commemorative coin per country, only one.

I agree with Dionysios k. 

 many collectors have already lost the desire to collect

Some countries have also lost the desire to even issue 2 euro commemoratives. Ireland has never ever issued one except for the 3 common commemoratives that all countries put out. As to the minimum minted I think that 1 million is a good figure and 1 coin per country per year should be the desired output. - Mike 

you would have been more correct if you said that some countries never had the desire to issue a 2 euro commemorative coin. The only country that has lost the desire is Austria.

I don't think so. Austria at least has a 2 euro comm. not common but "national". On the other side Ireland has never issued a 2 euro comm. only for his people!!!

yes that is what i meant - some countries never had the wish to issue one e.g. cyprus, ireland

Austria did issue one but lost the interest to continue

I am one of those who strongly opposed the change that would allow issuing 2 commemoratives per year per country. And we already have the consequences: some countries come up with meaningless events and/or pathetic designs. Here are the rules that I would like to have in place:

1. Minimum mintage of 250,000 to keep the market price no higher than EUR 20-30 per piece

2. No common issues. I am getting disappointed with having to purchase a huge number of coins with the same design

3. Reduce the number of allowed coins to 1 per year per country. A rule might be added that if a country has 2 significant events in one year, or a Sede Vacante situation in Vatican, that country will be allowed to mint 2 coins, but will have to skip the next year.

4. A generous number of coins (including those from microstates) have to be released into circulation as they are meant to. A coin is a means of payment, not just some fancy souvenir. I would like to be able to get UNC versions of Vatican or San Marino coins which are only currently available as coin cards for a hefty premium.

the common issues commemorate events that happened at EU level and thus I am in favour of these issues. However, it would be much better if they would remove the national variables and make the design totally common to all, perhaps by removing any text. This would enable the EU to put the common 2 euro commemorative coins much faster into circulation than having to coordinate all the minting between all the members of the eurozone. And would save us, the collectors, from having to buy 17 variables!


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