Malta €2 coin that commemorates the 200 years of the police will have a mintage volume of just 300,000 coins. In the past coins with low mintage value used to get high value on the market e.g. Slovenia Treaty of Rome. However, a roll of these coins has a market value of around €110, considering that the bank is selling each roll for €70, the market value isn't much higher than the issue price. Seems the policy of 2 coins of 2 euro per year has left an impact on the value of these coins!

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Still allot of money

true but considering the low mintage volume something must have changed and shifted the prices down

It's all about the law of demand and offer... Our hobby, becoming more expensive due to the numerous issues of each year, has driven many collectors to abandon... So lower demand, compensates with low mintage, keeping the prices down.

300.000 maltese coins are much more  than 1.000.000 of other countries because 300.000 maltese coins are all for collectors and aren't circulating

We must consider the financial crisis.

These value impact it is eminent in Greek Market. The prices of Greek coin from 1833 up to 2000 has decreased a lot these years because of the crisis..
So make a calculation 20-25 issued every year means around 100 130€ to pay out only for 2€

Although it seems low there are a lot of people that can not afford to spend not even the half...
So I believe very soon the ECB must reduce the 2 coins per year

Of course as the years go by new collectors that will seak to get these coins to complete their collection will have to pay a lot

How much do we have to pay for Germany 2006? Set today?

Another secret we all know is that the coins which are coming in circulation are gaining value faster than the coins that are issued only for collectors

yes! Coins with low emissions, creates high prices (speculation), but that price always falls a lot.

It is IMPORTANT to take account of speculation prices.

Speculated price. = Priceto fall in value, eminent.

Probably both the factors have an effect on the lowering of the market price of the 2€ CC. I mean both the financial crisis and the overfloading of items on the market. Whatever it would be the reason behind, I'm in anycase happy that the market is replying negatively to the invasion of 2€CC. Maybe this will push the EU to riconsider the infamous rule of the 2 coins/year/nation.

In my opinion, the cause of the low prices of this coin, it is not the politics of the double emission, but the way in which it was distributed almost all collectors have been able to source this coin
So everyone will have this coin.
And when the REQUEST is poor from dealers, although the offer is poor .....


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