Hello everybody,

I am searching for the new coin of Portugal 2017 (Raul Brandao), Italy 2017 (Venice) and Italy 2017 (Tito Livio). I can use about 20 coins of each.

As swappingmaterial I can only offer the following coincards (multiple available from each):

Belgium 2015 (Development) in coincard

Belgium 2017 (University Liège) in coincard

every coincard of the Andorra 2 Euro coins

- european council

- 25è aniversari de la Signatura de l’Acord Duaner amb la Unió Europea

- 30è aniversari majoria d'edat als 18 anys

- Nova reforma

- Radio & Television

Because of it all being coincards that I offer, they are all special swaps. 

Belgian coincard vs 4 coins

andorra coincards: make a fair proposal

Have a great day!

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