Dear collectors, 

If anyone is interested in Lithuanian or other cc coins from my doubles list don't hesitate to contact me. For swap I have these doubles:

1. Lithuania 2015 - thank you

2. Lithuania 2015 - flag

3. Lithuania 2016 - Baltic culture

4. Malta 2015 - republic

5. Spain: 2005, 2010, 2013, 2014

6. Nederland: 2014

7. Finnland: 2008

8. Germany: 2016

9. Slovenia: 2016 

Hope to make a good swap. Who are interested please whrite to 

Best regards

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Hi, Oksanar

write me at, I have some italian coins and fron other country.


Good evening
     I can offer you: Malta 2012, Finland 2010
I am interested :: Malta 2014 "Independence"
                              Malta 2015 "republic"
     Error Malta Republic is a 2015 ..


Dear colleagues,

Im looking for 2 euro cc coins. I can offer Lithuanian 2 euro dedicated to Lithuania song and dance events (2018). If someone is interested please contact me: also i can offer all Lithuania2 euro cc, Latvia and Estonia independance (2018) and others...

Best regards

Hi, Oksanar

Send me a mail with your wanted coins,




I already sent to you an email to try to swap.

I have portuguese, spain, france, and other euro country to swap.

Best Regards



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