On 31 of august in Lithuania will be issued 2017 2 euro cc (coincards and rolls) dedicated to Lithuanian capital Vilnius. If someone are interested in swapping coins please contact me. Im interested in swapping coins to San Marino, Vatican, and all of 2017 2 euro cc. 

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I can sell Lithuania rolls too at prices:

1 roll: 55€ per roll
2-4 rolls: 54,5€ per roll
5- 7 rolls : 54€ per roll
8 -15 rolls : 53 per roll
16-20 rolls : 52,5€ per roll
21-40 rolls : 52,2€ per roll

Shipping not included, delivery on 04.09 

contact me via pm or email mctrone@gmail.com

Dear Oksanar

I am a belgian collector and I am interested in some Vilnius coins.

contact me please at 

christian.temmerman@telenet.be  to discuss an eventual swap

best regards and hoping to read you soon.



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