Up to now I thought that only if a coin is presented in the Jounal of the European Union, it is regarded as legal tender within all Euro states. For example, I considered the colored version of the French AIDS Coin to be the first and only colored legal tender.
This is not the case.
After a lengthy correspondence with The European Commission, I received this statement (in German):

Astonishingly, the EU Jounal's function is only declaratory, it has no legal relevance whatsoever ! It just informs the public about newly edited Euro coins [and the information is based on the submission of draft design, which is provided to the EU by national authorities].
Euro coins gain their status as legal tender via the publication in their country's national Journal [for example, the Journal officiel de la République française] !

Therefore: Since the Dutch colored versions of 2013 (200 years Kingdom of Netherlands) and 2014 (Official Farewell to the former Queen Beatrix) were declared being legal tender such as the French colored versions of the AIDS coin (2014), the 'Fête de la Féderation'  coin of  2015 and the coming EU flag coin, they all are considered to be legal tender within all Euro states !
Within the legal specifications [of the appearance] of Euro current coins, added color is not mentioned.

Since EU rules do not explicitly rule out color to be added [partially] on Euro coins and the colored versions of the above mentioned Dutch and French coins were only edited in small numbers in BU or BE mintage and specially packed, the European Commission tolerates them. They argue, that it is unlikely that these coins are put into circulation - and if so, that the harm would be minor, if somebody rejects to accept such a coin as legal tender.

ECFIN added the remark, that some member states appreciate this arrangement, but it would make sense to confine [or transfer] this feature to collector's coins, which differ from coins in circulation.

Another topic I also asked about:
The submission of draft design of the French AIDS coin showed a structured surface of the ribbon, but in the regular minted version it was hatched:
On the other hand, the colored version had a plane surface underneath the color of the ribbon:
The 'Féderation'  coin is obviously also minted either hatched or plane-surfaced:

ECFIN responded:
There should be no modification of the submitted design to that of the minted coin, but slight differences (as they might be caused by minting requirements) are to be tolerated, unless they do not affect the practical use.

Agaist the rules, but tolerated... This is Brussels.

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Interesting, thank you.  I would guess that the Fete de la Federation coin is also smooth underneath the colours.

I have been trying to find out what coloured coins have been issued by national mints (rather than coloured later).  Does anyone have a definitive list?  I have found:


€2 CC 2014

€2 CC 2015


10c 2012

€2 CC 2013

10c 2014

€2 CC 2014 (three different crown colours)


I plan to get a colored 'Festival of the Federation' coin and remove the color. Then I will post a scan of it...

The first colored coin was the French "Eu presidency" coin of 2008: 5000 coins' national sides were completely colored yellow as a present to EU staff: 


I did not yet know that the Dutch have partly colored 10 Cent coins in 2012 and 2014, Angus. Thanks for this information! Here they are: 



Here is a depiction of the three differently colored Dutch 2 CC coin of 2014:


The coming French common commemorative coin will depict the EU flag being colored blue (10'000 BU and BE coins).

Thanks about the 2008 one, now I'll have to get hold of one!

Good luck, Angus! If you succeed, will you post a notice and perhaps a scan?

I have found one on ebay so will post a photo once it arrives.

Weird, Angus,

but congratulations to you for completing your collection !

Yes, easily the strangest coloured coin.

Completed so far ...

What did the Dutch have in mind by producing this ....?


Me spending a lot of money, I think!


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